Holcim Maroc, Morocco: Birds of Morocco guidebook.

Holcim Maroc, Morocco: Birds of Morocco guidebook

Holcim Maroc has been supporting the Groupe d'Ornithologie du Maroc Central (GOMAC) since 2001. This association works for the protection of nature of Morocco, and especially its endangered wild birds. After six years of collaboration, the two partners published a guidebook which describes the specific richness of birds in the country's different regions.

The main objectives of this guidebook were to index the different species of birds in Morocco, and to describe them and their natural environment, as well as their migratory patterns.

Holcim Maroc fully supported the publication of the first illustrated and scientific guidebook on Moroccan birds. It also organized the press campaign to advertise the book and sold it in Morocco's major bookstores.

The book was widely welcomed and enjoyed great success with both the national and international public, as well as receiving the Hassan II Prize, awarded by the Environment Ministry of Morocco.