Holcim Maroc, Morocco: Reforestation brings added value.

Holcim Maroc, Morocco: Reforestation brings added value

Holcim Maroc launched a reforestation project on 200 hectares of land near the ECOVAL industrial treatment platform at El Gara, a province of Settat.

The company conducted several scientific and technical studies, which led to the choice of the three types of trees: the Camaldulensis eucalyptus, the Gomphocephala eucalyptus and Ceratonia siliqua (Caroubier). A total of 200,000 seeds were planted in a tree nursery to produce roughly 800 trees per hectare.

A three-year agreement for an investment of MAD 2,500,000 (US$300,000) was signed with the specialized organization Societé TTOBA. Activities in the tree nursery started in July 2007 and will develop in four stages: the tree nursery, the plantation, the optimization of densities and finally, meticulous maintenance of the trees and ground on which they grow.

This project, which is part of a national reforestation effort, will offer a natural ecosystem to the area of Settat, as well as employment opportunities for its inhabitants. This forest will allow carbon sequestration and the reduction of over 50 tons of CO2 in the coming 40 years, according to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

By carrying out this innovative and groundbreaking project, Holcim Maroc reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable development, and set the stage for other companies to invest in the improvement of Moroccan fauna and flora. This project has human and natural value, especially once the trees reach maturity in eight years' time.