Holcim Romania and ecovalor: Let’s do it, Romania! Participating in a national clean-up project.

Project description

The project “Let ́s do it, Romania” was inspired by previous projects in the Baltics and successfully transferred to Romania. The concept of this clean-up event is to mobilize as many volunteers as possible throughout the country to collect waste and contribute to a clean environment.

The project was organized by a team of young and motivated volunteers of LDIR (Let’s do it, Romania!). Citizens, local authorities, NGOs, companies (waste collection, recycling, recover, land filling) and media were involved in the project. The main steps of the project on a national level were the following:

  • Forming the project teams down to a local level
  • Involving private companies for sponsorship as well as waste managing
  • Mapping the waste in Romania
  • Communicating the project
  • Enrolling volunteers (private as well as from participating companies)
  • Picking up waste from natural areas
  • Evaluating the results and conclusions

ecovalor was one of the first companies in Romania that supported the project and assured sponsorship.
Both Holcim Romania and ecovalor participated in the local pilot projects in Cluj and Arges county. Students from Alesd Training Center participated voluntarily in the project and were coordinated by the Holcim environmental coordinator.
For Holcim and ecovalor, the focus areas were around Alesd and Campulung cement plants. The collected waste could easily be transported and pre-treated by ecovalor in order to be co-processed into cement plants.


The short-term objective for this project at national level was to clean up garbage and waste in natural areas (forests, fields, etc.) where nobody has a real responsibility. The aim was to collect as much waste as possible in just one day.
As a long-term objective, the project wants to increase awareness of citizens towards the environment. Collaboration authorities to develop the infrastructure for an appropriate fine waste management system is another objective of “Let ́s do it, Romania!”.
Holcim Romania and ecovalor specific objectives when joining this national project aimed also the increased shareholders awareness on proper waste management and waste co-processing solution offered by the cement plants.


In order to mobilize a lot of employees to take part in the clean-up day, the project was strongly communicated internally at plant and company level. Posters to promote the clean-up day in which employees were asked for their enrollment were put up and emails containing status information were also sent to everybody.


In total over 150 enthusiastic employees, family members and friends of Holcim and ecovalor employees collected more than 1,250 bags of waste from natural areas around the cement plants of Alesd and Campulung. The waste was mostly pre-treated and used as alternative fuel (co-processed).
Nationwide over 200,000 volunteers were mobilized by LDIR in schools, authorities (city halls, police force, local governments), companies etc.

An additional benefit of the project was the close collaboration among Holcim employees during the project.
Furthermore external as well as internal stakeholders got a better understanding about waste co-processing in the cement industry.

The feedback in general was very positive and the last impression is: Let ́s do it again!

January 2011