Holcim Romania: “Green Wall” Planting at the Campulung Plant.


The “Green Wall” project at the Campulung plant is the first extensive project of environmental volunteering implemented at Holcim Romania. The idea of the project is that employees come together during lunch time to plant trees or flowers at the sites of operation. First tree-planting activities were carried out in October 2009 and similar projects followed in 2010.


The project objective is to involve employees in giving the plant a new, green look. For the rose- planting event, the campaign slogan was “each employee will plant their own rose”.


Around 80 employees from Holcim Campulung and Ecovalor participated in the first event in 2009. Together, they planted over 1000 saplings of poplar, birch tree, oak tree, acacia, and pine tree in several areas of plant. The co-processing platform, areas around the clay crushing plant and the clinker silos as well as the space in front of the control room were improved with the tree- planting.

In April 2010, the project was continued and Holcim volunteers planted over 1500 saplings of hedge. More than 30 employees from different departments participated in the event. They planted about 250 meters of hedge in two days.

In September 2010, Campulung organized another event, this time with roses. The volunteering campaign was implemented over one week and employees brought roses from their own backyards. More than 50 employees participated in planting about 800 roses in the alleys of the plant.

In November 2010, another planting project was implemented at Campulung. Holcim volunteers planted 600 saplings of pine tree, poplar, and magnolias in areas where investments had been finalized.


The final results will be seen in a few years, when the plant is surrounded by a green wall of trees, and in April 2011, when Holcim Romania will count the blooming roses.

Further Information

For further information about the project please contact Ms. Anca Buta, project manager.

January 2011