Holcim Romania: Open Door Days for Kids


Holcim Romania launched an initiative to increase employees’ awareness of OH&S: Open Door Days for Kids. The project was implemented in all aggregates and ready-mix locations of Holcim Romania. The idea of the project is that seeing their children in their work environment will sensitize employees for occupational health and safety issues. Through this experience, they will become more responsible in their daily work tasks in order to return to their families healthily.


The objective of the project is to remember employees that they have to follow the safety rules and procedures in the best interest of themselves and their families. The main message of the campaign is the following:

“The safety of the family depends on the safety of the parents. The safety of parents depends on the observance of safety rules.”

The corresponding slogan is: “Enjoy your family – follow the safety rules!”


On September 25th, 2010, employee’s children were invited to visit the work places of their parents. Upon arrival at the stations, the kids were equipped with helmets and reflective vests. The head of the station welcomed them and gave an overview of the day’s program. The children were then invited to a plant tour that followed a clear route which had been established before.

During the tour, the guides highlighted all the risks that Holcim employees face in their daily tasks and the importance of obeying the 5 Cardinal Rules. It was explained that it is crucial for family safety that parents follow these rules carefully. In addition, the tour guides briefly explained the isolation and lockout procedures, rules applying when working in confined spaces, and road safety rules in the station. In the ready-mix plants the children could see how a concrete pump works.

After the tour, a picture session took place and each parent took a picture with his or her child in front of a panel displaying the 5 Cardinal Rules. Two copies of the photograph were given to the employees – one for home, and one to be kept at work together with a message from his or her child.

The picture session was followed by a drawing contest. The children made drawings of their impressions after the visit. Juice, cake, labeled balloons and small gifts were shared at the end of the day and the children received a leaflet describing the activities of ready-mix and aggregates operations that the OH&S department had prepared specifically for them.


The campaign was well received and the feedback from the employee was very positive. Holcim Romania hopes to see the results in a very good OH&S performance of our ready-mix and aggregate operations.

Further Information

Please contact the project manager, Florin Necula, for further information.

January 2011