Holcim Romania: Professional training for local youth

Project description

Holcim Romania supports a three-year apprentice program designed to offer young people in
local communities the opportunity to study in a professional environment, and to better ensure
their future. In return, Holcim Romania benefits from a highly trained workforce.


The goal is to offer an educational alternative to young people in local communities, while
developing future professionals for companies like Holcim. The young people are trained to
become mechanical or electrical technicians, kiln operators and laboratory operators at a training
center co-managed with the local Alexandru Roman High School, located near of Holcim
Romania’s cement operations in Alesd.


The selection process includes an exam comprising English language oral test, further tests in
computer literacy, math, physics and chemistry, an interview with Holcim Romania
representatives, and a personality test conducted by an external consulting company.

The curriculum is based on the Swiss Berufsschule model and is authorized by the Romanian
Education Ministry. At the end of the course, graduates receive a certificate recognized by the
Romanian authorities.

The program content includes both theoretical and practical training, attained both in the school’s
workshop and on the job. The first two years focus on technical and practical education, and the
third year includes hands-on practical training.


Since the start of the program in 2004, 39 graduates work successfully in key technical positions
in the Holcim plants in Alesd, Campulung and Turda. A few graduates were employed in Holcim
operations in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Australia. The initial investment for the
project was € 250,000 and has a current operational cost of about € 250,000.

After these outstanding results from its first intake, the training center is now training the fourth
generation of graduates, and other Holcim Group companies have expressed an interest in hiring