Holcim Schweiz AG: Community Day 2010.


Every second year, Holcim (Schweiz) AG carries out a Community Day and all employees of the head office in Zurich are invited to participate. This year the Community Day took place for the third time.

The corporate management team of Holcim (Schweiz) AG defined three particular projects in which employees could participate:

  1. The first project “Natura” was carried out in collaboration with the town of Bülach. The task was to support forest rangers in doing their maintenance work in the forests around Bülach.
  2. The “Pigna” foundation supports people with disabilities in the job market such as finding positions and advancement. “Pigna” also provides positions in their facilities.
  3. The third project was carried out with the foundation “Wagerenhof” in the town of Uster. Persons with mental and multiple disabilities get a home, assigned living space and positions in the nursery, flower shop, on the farm and in different studios etc. In addition “Wagerenhof” provides protected positions for 54 external people.

Corporate management nominated an assistant and a member of the country administration to be responsible for one of the projects and its successful implementation. The invitations, information and registration forms were published in the Head Office in Zurich. All employees were free choose the project they wanted to spend the day on.

The evening program took place at the foundation “Wagerenhof” where employees and members of the participating institutions could exchange their experiences of the day. The projects were presented to all employees. Also the residents of „Wagerenhof“ were strongly involved in the program and a member of the board gave a speech at the end of the event.


The objectives for the Community Day are the following:

  • Employees have the opportunity to get involved with people who are less privileged as themselves and to engage with their environment
  • Guidelines and commitment to sustainable development are achieved together
  • Abilities and talents can be directed towards the local community
  • Team spirit and collaboration within the work force is strengthened
  • The company’s reputation of caring for the community is fostered
  • Employees experience an interesting and enriching day in different surroundings


1. „Natura“ close to the city of Bülach

The forest of “Höhragen” is approximately 87 ha. A bigger part of this area (approx. 30 ha) was destroyed by a storm and a following invasion of bugs. Rangers planted a variety of young trees in this area to assure a robust forest. The young trees have to be looked after frequently. Holcim employees helped in the nursing of these young trees and other activities.

2. Foundation „Pigna“ in Bülach

In the workshop “Engelwisen“ in Bülach persons with disabilities create different products made of glass, wax, stones or textiles and also offer packaging services. Employees of Holcim (Schweiz) AG worked closely together with these people and created, for example, cases for iPhones which were handed out to all participants of the Community Day as a gift during the evening event.

3. Project foundation „Wagerenhof“ in Uster

“Wagerenhof“ provides people with disabilities an environment where they can develop their skills and feel part of society. They can work on the farm, in the flower shop, in the kitchen or vegetable garden and do all kind of activities. Employees of Holcim (Schweiz) AG worked in little groups in those areas and painted walls, harvested vegetables, prepared little meals in the kitchen and created flower arrangements.


On September 24th 2010 all employees who participated in the Community Day exemplified sustainability. For Holcim this means that economic activities are only valuable if they are socially and environmentally responsible. At the Community Day many employees expressed their social responsibility.

The Community Day is enrichment in all respects, because employees got involved

  • To commit themselves voluntarily for non-profit purposes. This is responsibility.
  • To get to know new people and work together for a day. This is a broadening experience.
  • To understand the needs and daily routine of people in other living conditions. This is humanity.
  • To share new experiences with each other – with work colleagues and people outside of Holcim. This is team spirit.

All these issues comply with Holcim values. The Community Day is sustainable – for the social institutions, for Holcim (Schweiz) AG and for its employees.

November 2010