Holcim Srbija, Serbia: Adopt-a-school project.

Holcim Srbija, Serbia: Adopt-a-school project

During a stakeholder dialogue, the urgent need for the partial " adoption" of the elementary school in Popovac, in the immediate neighborhood of the plant, was identified.

The school in Popovac is one of the biggest in the municipality. However, during the past decade, it faced a decreasing number of children attending the school, despite the fact that the number of children being born in the village had not decreased. The reason was due to the deterioration of the school, its equipment and furniture, which resulted in parents enrolling their children in other schools. The objective of the project was to upgrade the conditions in the school, thereby providing children with an alternative to traveling 16km each day to the next-nearest school.

Through a program of local sponsorship, the classrooms, gym roof and toilets were reconstructed, and windows replaced. Then, the blackboards in all classrooms were replaced and the IT department equipped with 15 new desktop computers. In 2007, Holcim Srbija began the process of fixing the floors in all classrooms, and repairing the old school furniture.

In the school year 2007/08, Holcim Srbija plans to co-finance, together with the school and the parents, transportation to the school for children who live in the surrounding villages.

With the start of the school year 2007/08, the school in Popovac has conditions equal to the town school - the furniture is new, the IT classroom is one of the most contemporary in the area, and transportation from neighboring villages has been organized, allowing the children to continue attending classes close to their homes.