Holcim Vietnam: Enhancing quality and safety for the "Green Summer" project.

Holcim Vietnam: Enhancing quality and safety for the "Green Summer" project

Holcim Vietnam has been partnering with the volunteer project " Green Summer", run by the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, since 2003. Holcim Vietnam helps by providing cement and cement knowledge to the project, which aims to build rural pathways, rural bridges, low-cost houses and cultural centers. The company provides further support by constructing a kindergarten in the area where "Green Summer" operates each year.

After four years of partnership, it was noticed by both parties that in some cases, the work carried out by the keen, young students was not of sufficient quality, and safety standards were not always being met. Therefore, the emphasis of "Green Summer" this year is to enhance the quality of work carried out, and to improve safety on worksites.

Holcim Vietnam's aim was to educate the leaders of the construction teams, and to disseminate technical knowledge related to cement, as well as raising the level of safety awareness among the leaders, and possibly the students, involved in "Green Summer". Holcim Vietnam talked to those responsible before developing a step-by-step action plan.

Instead of the usual workshop organized in the middle of the "Green Summer" campaign, two workshops were run: the first workshop took place at the beginning of the project at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology campuses and focused on cement-building knowledge and technology, presented in an interactive session to 200 leaders at different levels. Safety was prioritized in the session, with an explanation of the "Think Safe" process and the Holcim Quality and Safety awards.

The second workshop, on site, was designed to refresh knowledge on cement, building techniques and safety, and was followed by a tour around the site. A quiz with prizes was designed to raise students' interest in technical knowledge and safety awareness.

At the end of the "Green Summer" project, the coordination team met to give scores on all the works carried out. Four awards for quality were awarded for different types of work: rural pathway, rural bridge, building and house; one safety prize was also awarded.

University leaders pointed out that the quality of the work this year is definitely better than in previous years, and students showed increased levels of safety awareness and innovation.