PT Holcim Indonesia: Building our future with vocational education.

Project description

EVE (Enterprise based Vocational Education) selects motivated local high school graduates and guides them through a demanding 3 year education programme to become qualified professional technicians. Successful EVE graduates receive a three-year diploma from a recognized Polytechnic Institution and may have the opportunity to work with Holcim Indonesia.


The program is a response to the challenge faced by emerging markets: lack of good local professionals trained and ready to find solutions to problems in the field of advanced technology. The two eve programmes admit 15 students in Cilacap (Central Java) and 15 in Narogong (West-Java) plant every year, and train them in technical aspects of all technical departments. Graduates may begin their careers in any technical industry, but have been trained to be the preferred employees of Holcim.

The program focuses on students from areas immediately surrounding the plants, in order to get members of the local community to join the Holcim staff and so to understand better our targets, challenges, and mission.


During the first three months, the students study basic mechanical bench work techniques, the properties of different materials, different working and measuring techniques, and learn expected Holcim standards regarding precision, efficiency, and quality. Students then experience different departments around the plant, supporting the various work teams. In the first year, students practice in the quarry, the maintenance department, and the technical laboratory; in the second, they experience the electric department and production.

The classroom and workshop aspects of the programme cover applied mathematics, material science, fabrication technology, the cement process, and electrical and technical drawing, as well as hydraulics and control techniques, and equipment operation using simulators. Students develop written and oral communication skills, and look at environmental problems and solutions.

In their final year, students specialise in one department, and undertake a final thesis. As with the Vocational Education System in Switzerland, eve students earn a small salary, and all equipment and training material is provided by Holcim – making the student’s participation independent of the economic situation of their family.


Since the first Group of 29 students graduated successfully in 2008, the EVE Program was repeated on an annual basis to educate talented high school graduates. All students who passed their final exams were employed by Holcim.

Training Course started Number of students graduated Percentage of graduates employed by Holcim
2005 29 graduates 100%
2006 27 graduates 100%
2007 32 graduates 100%
2008 32 graduates 100%
2009 24 students expected to graduate in 2012 -
2010 32 students expected to graduate in 2013 -
2011 40 students expected to graduate in 2014 -

Status: September 2011