PT Holcim Indonesia: Safety first, no compromise.


In line with the Group ‘Passion for Safety’ initiative, Holcim Indonesia instituted their own program, starting in 2005, committed to providing all the resources necessary to meet their vision of ‘Safety first, no compromise’.


Holcim Indonesia’s objective is continuous improvement to ensure that proper standards of health and safety at work are sustained while maintaining a perpetual goal of zero accidents during any working year.


A review of OH&S management was undertaken and a new corporate role created, reporting to the President Director. A safety committee involving employees and management is tasked with evaluating and improving performance – roles and responsibilities on accident reporting are clearly outlined. Together with new initiatives, such as mandatory safety equipment and ongoing communication (leaflets, standing displays, banners and other day-to-day reminders), the company is finding that their approach is helping to deliver sustainable cultural change. There is growing acceptance that ‘safety’ is both a personal and line management responsibility, and that personal behavior is the key to performance.


By the end of 2005, some performance improvements were already apparent. However, two fatal accidents refocused attention on repeating reviews and training on the importance of vigilance about all safety requirements. Lessons learned have now been applied and the team reinvigorated to attain its ‘zero-harm’ goal. An externally accredited safety audit during the year 2006 also confirmed that Holcim was on the right track – the company was awarded the first ever corporate ‘gold’ accreditation in Indonesia for its health and safety management policy. The year 2007 saw the best ever Safety Performance for Holcim Indonesia and the company has already achieved the reduction targets for the lost-time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) and lost-time injury severity rate (LTISR) set by the Executive Committee for companies to achieve by 2010.