Various Group companies: Optimizing the use of raw materials in ready-mix concrete.

Optimizing the use of raw materials in ready-mix concrete

The economical, large-scale production of concrete calls for optimization of the composition of raw materials to achieve required standards and satisfy market requirements in the most efficient manner. Holcim has developed a set of interrelated tools, known as MixMaster, designed to optimize mix designs at Holcim Ready-Mix operations.

The toolkit includes software containing an optimization engine that calculates the set of raw materials and mix proportions to produce concrete that complies with technical specifications, with the most efficient use of raw materials possible. This drives down costs, reduces consumption of raw materials, ensures more consistency of product and facilitates a quicker response to specification changes, benefiting the environment, our customers and the company.

By the end of 2007, MixMaster had been implemented in 22 countries and there are plans to implement the tool in a further 19 by the end of 2009.