ACC supports cyclone struck Odisha

1 July 2019

When Cyclone Fani hit the coast of Odisha, leaving severe destruction in its wake, ACC immediately leaped into action.


Houses, buildings, community property, electricity lines and telecommunication towers were severely damaged.  A team of about 100 personnel from ACC has been deployed in some of the worst affected villages of Balapur and Brahmagiri in Puri district.

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ACC was ready with resources, manpower and logistical support to provide on-ground relief and rehabilitation and restore the lives of the people affected by the disaster. Their teams, along with ACC Help Vans, helped clear blockages on roads and removing fallen trees so that transportation services could resume quickly. They also distributed thousands of relief packets containing dry food items, drinking water, clothes, solar lanterns and other necessary utility items to the affected people in the villages.

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ACC stands united with the local administration and people of Odisha in this time of need. Going far beyond financial contribution, teams of plumbers, electricians, cleaners, masons and engineers from our plants are on site, helping repair homes and provide essential services to help people move back into their homes. We will continue to support the people of Odisha in the coming days.

Neeraj Akhoury
CEO and Managing Director ACC Ltd.

Teams from ACC’s plants in Bargarh and Chaibasa consisting of electricians, plumbers, carpenters, fitters, welders, and helpers carrying tools such cutters, welding machines, compressors, and DG sets have set about repairing damaged houses to help people return home from the transit shelters. ACC’s doctor from Sindri plant along with a pharmacist Bargarh plant are setting up temporary medical clinics to provide free treatment and medicines to prevent an outbreak of epidemics in these villages.

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Jagan Behera, a young student from Balapur village of Puri district, Odisha, which was one of the villages most affected by Cyclone Fani, found his village almost completely destroyed. Jagan lived in a semi pukka (i.e. makeshift, not fully cemented) house and was in working in the fields when the cyclone hit his village at speeds of more than 200 KMPH. To save himself, he jumped into a canal and stayed there for half a day waiting for the storm to pass. People of Jagan’s village almost lost hope at the sight of the destruction left behind by Fani.

Jagan was grateful to see ACC’s task force working day and night for his people. Inspired by the good work, he came forward along with 18 other youths from his village to join hands with the task force to rebuild Balapur. “ACC’s task force services were not limited to just rehabilitation work, but also helped boost our morale and overcome our stress and fear. We were able to volunteer for our village under the guidance of ACC and I feel proud to have been part of the ACC task force which gave new hope to the people of my village.”

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