A new façade for Ductal.com!

A new façade for Ductal.com!

Our Ductal® teams have unveiled a new website, where construction industry players from architects to engineers can learn how our innovative Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) can respond to their unique building challenges.

Head to the new Ductal.com

Sometimes, websites can use a little revamping. Luckily, our Ductal® teams are experts in rehabilitation! Ductal.com – the website dedicated to our UHPC with unmatched qualities of durability, aesthetics and strength – has recently revealed a brand new façade.

A focus on innovative solutions and customer needs

Visitors can browse Ductal®’s wide range of applications, from the most demanding structures, including bridges and roads, to the most creative architectural projects and cost-effective public and private buildings, through our façade rainscreen cladding solution.

Venteprivée.com: Ductal® Latticework Panels

Pulaski Skyway, New Jersey, USA - Joint Fill

Platform Basket Rainscreen Cladding panels in Italy


A key feature of the new website is a more personalized user experience. Ductal.com is divided into two customized sections, Architecture and Engineering, which enable visitors to discover Ductal®’s tailor-made and industrialized solutions and connect with our experts who can advise customers throughout a project’s lifecycle.

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