Building a circular economy in the heart of historic French cities

Global construction & demolition waste will almost double by 2025, generating 2.2 billion tonnes of rubble every year. Recycling of construction materials — and especially recycling aggregates — can make a substantial contribution to resource efficiency and sustainable urbanization. aggneo® closes this loop in the circular economy, helping our customers manage construction and demolition waste sustainably and turning them into aggregates.


About aggneo® in France

aggneo® promotes sustainable building practices and a circular economy by turning construction and demolition waste into locally recycled aggregates and concrete for new projects. In addition to offering a range of high-quality materials including aggregates from recycled concrete demolition waste, aggneo® also offers services and solutions to help customers meet the challenges of managing construction and demolition waste.

In France, LafargeHolcim boasts a network of 120 sites dedicated to aggneo® solutions which includes everything necessary to promote more sustainable construction techniques:

  • demolition waste management,
  • optimization of logistics (freight and waterways), 
  • traceability of incoming materials via a specially developed app and quality control of incoming materials and recycled products,
  • treatment and recycling, 
  • highest standards of consistency, reliability and performance. 

Recent projects in Avignon and Bordeaux demonstrate the value of aggneo®:

Avignon Tramway

LafargeHolcim France is delivered a complete aggneo® solution for the Avignon tramway, from rubble management to the delivery of natural and recycled aggregates.

The communes of Greater Avignon collaborated on the project to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development. As a result, the project has a lower carbon footprint and more rubble recovered from the site.

By the end, aggneo® managed 30,000 tonnes of rubble and delivered 25,500 tonnes of recycled aggregates.

Project began: February 2017 / Project completed: October 2018

Bordeaux social housing

Through its aggneo® brand, LafargeHolcim France delivered 4,000 m3 of concrete made using recycled aggregates for a social housing project in Bordeaux.

Project leader GCC built nine housing facilities and a local community center, with sustainable construction a key focus for the project.

aggneo®was a key reason that LafargeHolcim France was selected as a partner in this operation.

The innovative approach saw aggneo® recycled aggregates used to build the basement and six levels of the superstructure. This is the first project of its type and scale in the region.

Project began: January 2017 / Project completed: September 2018