Ductal® the highest performing concrete for Africa’s largest mosque, Great Mosque of Algeria

With a built area of 400,000 m² and more than 23,000 m² of Ductal® facades, our materials help bring an architectural masterpiece to life.


Aesthetics and durability

The roof of the prayer hall of the Great Mosque of Algeria (Djamaa el Djazaïr) rises to a height of 45 meters. The dome it supports is 50 meters wide and 25 meters tall. Not far from this dome the highest minaret in the world towers at a height of 265 meters, containing 43 floors served by panoramic elevators.

ductal mosque 3

This architectural masterpiece was designed by Krebs und Kiefer and managed by Anargema (the agency under Algeria’s Ministry of Housing which is responsible for construction and management of the mosque) and built by CSCEC.

The mosque combines modernity and authentic design, and its successful execution has depended on high-quality materials -- especially the facades. Ductal® was chosen for the facades around the minaret, the roofing of the dome of the prayer hall, the inner courtyard and the covering of the other buildings.

ductal mosque 7

It’s hard work looking this good

The minaret facades employ an element of traditional Arabic architecture called mashrabiya that has been used since the Middle Ages. Mashrabiya involves an intricate latticework, and its motif both respects Islamic traditions and lends a unique identity to the mosque.

ductal mosque 1

These complex patterns require a delicate touch in both design and manufacturing: the mashrabiya could weigh no more than 65 kg/m². Thanks to Ductal®’s exceptional characteristics, it was possible to design very thin panels without passive reinforcement that also met the artist's expectations. 


Beyond the aesthetic constraint of the design, Ductal® assures the durability of the brise-soleil even when installed several hundred meters high, where is can be exposed to intense winds and sea salt spray in an area with high seismic activity.

ductal mosque 4

LafargeHolcim Algeria

In addition to Ductal® for the facades, LafargeHolcim Algeria has maintained a very high level of cooperation with all stakeholders to supply the best building materials and solutions to realize this project, including cement, plaster, ready mix concrete for the structure of the minaret, Artevia® decorative concrete for the walkways and a continuous support from our Construction Development Laboratory located in Algiers. Our teams in Algeria are particularly proud to contribute their solutions to this exceptional architectural masterpiece.

ductal mosque