Showcasing affordable housing solutions at Habitat III conference

Showcasing affordable housing solutions at Habitat III conference

This week our team in Ecuador will be attending the United Nation’s conference on housing and sustainable urban development, also known as Habitat III. The summit is an opportunity to present how our affordable housing offer provides innovative, long-term solutions to the world’s increasingly urban population.


What is Habitat III?

Habitat III is the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development that occurs once every 20 years. It aims at securing renewed political commitment for these issues, assessing accomplishments to date and addressing emerging challenges. The main outcomes of Habitat III will be crystalized in an action-oriented document with targets for sustainability and urbanization.

Showcasing our leadership at Habitat III

From October 17 to 20, the United Nations will be hosting its Habitat III conference on housing and sustainable urban development, in Quito, Ecuador. Achieving the summit’s goals for sustainable, inclusive and resilient urban communities will require an unprecedented level of collaboration between governmental and private sector stakeholders.

As a global leader in construction materials, LafargeHolcim has embraced the role it can play in building more sustainable cities and bettering urban life. That’s why Holcim Ecuador will be on hand at Habitat III presenting their innovative affordable housing solutions

Our participation at the summit kicked off at the Habitat III Business Assembly held on October 16. Holcim Ecuador CEO Nick Traber showcased the Group’s leadership in urban sustainability and advocated for collaboration between public authorities and businesses: “We believe the single most important thing is the commitment of the stakeholders involved. Commitment to the sustainable development goals, the urban agenda and of course, external evaluation of our progress.”

All this week, visitors to our Habitat III stand will be able to discover the affordable housing solutions we developed to meet the needs of low-income communities in Ecuador.


Supporting homebuilders with innovative credit card

The LafargeHolcim teams in Ecuador have been pioneering affordable housing solutions since 2015 through their network of 530 retail stores, Disensa.  They began by partnering with Pacificard (Banco del Pacifico) to deliver an original offer: the Credisensa credit card. The card enables Ecuadorians with low monthly revenues ($350 minimum to be eligible) to finance the construction of their homes. How does this microfinancing program work?

  • Credisensa can be used exclusively for building material purchases at one of Disensa’s stores
  • here is no need to have a guarantor or pay renewal fees, so the solution is accessible to all.
  • We help customers determine their financing plan and deadlines according to their own budget, offering maximum flexibility.

Today, nearly 8,000 customers in Ecuador are satisfied Credisensa holders!

Affordable, flexible home construction in Ecuador

After laying a solid foundation with their successful microcredit program, our teams rolled out a second affordable housing solution. This time, they reached out to the public authorities of Guayaquil to deliver LafargeHolcim’s home building expertise to low-income families already enrolled in the city’s “Mi Lote” program for landowners. They developed an offer called “Plan Construyo”: building material kits that enable customers to construct homes using one of four models that cost $9k on average in building materials. What are the key benefits of this affordable, flexible housing solution?

  • A choice among housing models, including the possibility to adjoin a premise to run a business. The kit also includes blueprints, which was one of our customers’ pain points.
  • Access to high-quality building materials. Customers are provided with the precise amount of materials needed to complete the project, avoiding waste!
  • Customers can use the Credisensa credit card to finance the project, and purchase the materials over four phases according to their means.

Following the earthquake that struck Ecuador in April 2016, a fifth housing model was added to the offer: our teams developed a kit of pre-fabricated construction solutions especially adapted to help reconstruct damaged homes.

So far, 20 homes have been built thanks to “Plan Construyo” and we plan to make the offer available throughout Ecuador to increase its positive impact. See how these solutions can help improve quality of life and access to decent housing at the most affordable cost!


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