FASTBUILD™ monolithic building system keeps pace with Malaysia’s rapid urbanization

FASTBUILD™ monolithic building system keeps pace with Malaysia’s rapid urbanization

With a growing demand for more housing and better infrastructure, Malaysia needs construction industry players that can adapt and innovate quickly. LafargeHolcim is standing out with FASTBUILD™, a building solution that speeds up construction time, increases job site efficiency and can keep up with the country’s rapid urbanization.


Agilia® self-consolidating concrete and screeds for quicker, more efficient worksites

Highly fluid, LafargeHolcim’s self-consolidating concretes and screeds considerably improve conditions and flexibility of worksites by eliminating the need to vibrate the concrete and associated nuisances. Agilia®, our international solution, can be poured rapidly and effortlessly and provide a superior surface quality for various applications: foundations, vertical and horizontal applications, screeds, architectural projects, etc.


A monolithic building system that marries speed & precision

FASTBUILD™ is a monolithic building system developed by Lafarge Malaysia in partnership with MFE Aluminum formwork. The aluminum is pre-designed to form all structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical components of a building in an effective, single site-based operation. LafargeHolcim’s highly fluid, self-placing and self-leveling Agilia® concrete perfectly complements this system: it flows effortlessly through the formwork, leaving no space unfilled and producing flawless finishing.

The FASTBUILD™ building system was first commercialized recently when Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education launchedThe Community Home Project”, where students from higher learning institutions work with the private sector to build affordable houses for low-income families. Before the project was officially underway, the Ministry commissioned four pilot units to be built, all using different systems, to compare efficiency, quality and cost.

Why did LafargeHolcim’s FASTBUILD™ outperform the other systems in the pilot home test?

  • Ultra-rapid construction time: with FASTBUILD™, the shell unit of the pilot home was completed in five days it only took four extra days to complete the rest of the 650 sq ft home (including roofing and finishing)
  • Unbeatable quality: compared to conventional building systems, FASTBUILD™ delivers superior quality thanks to Agilia®’s revolutionary self-placing technology that produces straight walls and sharp edges and eliminates plastering work.
  • Productivity - FASTBUILD™ increases the productivity of workers on site due to simplified construction techniques and rapid construction
  • Cost effective: aluminum formwork can be used up to 100 times without sacrificing the quality, so it lowers the cost of the individual residence when used for large volume social housing projects

After the success of the pilot, the Ministry of Higher Education awarded the construction of the remaining 65 “Community House Program” units to LafargeHolcim’s teams in Malaysia.

LafargeHolcim’s end-to-end solution for contractors

This project exemplified the approach of the Group’s innovative approach to monolithic building systems, providing the contractor with an end-to-end solution:

  • The ProSolutions Total Building Integrated Offer comprises the FASTBUILD™ system, building materials (concrete, screed, cement...) and services such as placing & finishing (through LafargeHolcim’s network of applicators) and on-site mason training by construction specialists.
  • LafargeHolcim Trading also provides the contractor with a one-stop-shop buying platform for major fittings and finishing products.

Our FASTBUILD™ solution didn’t lose any time before attracting more contracts in Malaysia.  Our teams have entered into an agreement with Ascension Technology to build 3,500 homes throughout the country in 2017.

The building solution is also currently being deployed in Nigeria and Iraq, in a variety of structures.