Making architectural marvels possible

16 October 2019

Innovating to meet such challenges is a key differentiator in the building materials industry, and the curved tower gave LafargeHolcim an opportunity to show its superior expertise in building materials and special concrete.


High-strength concrete is particularly important in multi-story buildings such as this one, as it helps to create the right structural rigidity while allowing for more floor area and leaner elements like pillars, beams and walls. The concrete products supplied for this tower reached a C 75 resistance, or more than twice the strength of normal concrete products. Holcim Italy is one of the few companies that offer these advanced concrete solutions.

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The hexagonal base of the Libeskind tower required a foundation of about 6,000 m3 of Holcim Italy’s specially-designed C 32/40 concrete, which has been designed and manufactured for massive casts as it reduces the risk of cracking - a very high risk in massive casts of thick foundation slabs. A continuous, smooth and quick pumping of concrete also helped to reduce the risks of cracking. Together with surface treatments and regular maintenance, this can guarantee quality and characteristics of the concrete products for more than 100 years.


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From the conceptual phase to the construction work, the extensive use of Building Information Modelling has supported the structural engineering of the two towers. Innovation is the differentiator in the building materials industry. Most of our innovations are made in order to meet our market and customers’ needs. For this reason we keep our country teams fully empowered to develop new products and services. Holcim Italy is leveraging its expertise in building spectacular high-rise buildings in the Milan area - including the famous green tower Bosco Verticale. This type of construction requires a wide range of high performance products, to ensure different levels or resistance, pumpability and design.