Streamlined logistics prepared Recife for 2014 World Cup!

11 March 2014

Vehicle lanes, pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths…in perfect harmony! Balancing environmental preservation with transit improvement using LafargeHolcim's cement, the Via Mangue project aimed to alleviate traffic congestion in Recife, Brazil as the city geared up for crowds headed to the 2014 World Cup.


The fifth-largest metropolitan area in Brazil, Recife was a World Cup host. But with an already dense urban population, the city faced the daunting task of accommodating the millions of football fans expected to convene. The solution? Via Mangue, the largest infrastructure development project undertaken in the state of Pernambuco over the past few decades. This 4.5-km corridor stretches north to south across the municipality, adding several walkways and viaducts along its path.

Via Mangue eases congestion and simplifies the daily commute of local inhabitants, while also optimizing vehicle flow for those traveling through the region.

LafargeHolcim's contribution consisted of the delivery of 3,000 tons of cement every month. We provided daily project management and logistics support, controlling inventory and ensuring stable pricing.

This was a challenge given the relatively low storage capacity on-site, which required excellent stock control and close collaboration with the client. We were happy to provide additional on-call support when needed, a rare practice in the region.

Under construction since 2011, Via Mangue was completed in June 2014 – just in time for the first kickoff!

Via Mangue, Recife, Brazil
Via Mangue, Recife, Brazil