To supply industries with natural resources, mining companies and specialized contractors operate and manage their extraction sites across the world, often in remote locations and sometimes in complex conditions. Holcim is the partner of choice for mining professionals to assist you from the design stage forward. With our advanced materials solutions and industry-leading standards, we bring performance and certainty to your new mine, operating mine, and mine closure projects.

The mining industry faces numerous challenges, operating internationally and often in remote locations:

  • safety
  • environmental requirements
  • project development planning
  • operations
  • remediation. 

Holcim serves mining companies worldwide, including in booming areas such as Canada, Australia, and Africa. Through a partnering approach at all phases of mine development, we offer the widest range of solutions for both open pits and underground extraction sites. We can work with you at every stage of mine development by offering solutions for new mines as well as for operating mines.


New mines:

  • solutions for underground shafts (e.g. specific mining ready mix formulas and underground remixing and pouring);
  • specific health, safety, and environmental standards
  • logistics solutions for remote locations.

Operating mines:

  • backfilling and blending products and services
  • cement packing adapted to underground conditions
  • specific health, safety, and environmental standards
  • new specific value-added solutions in R&D
  • mine closure
  • mine acid water treatment
  • mine remediation.
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