DURABRIC Homes builds dream houses

DURABRIC Homes builds dream houses

A beautiful and comfortable house built and delivered to you in 12 to 16 weeks with local, affordable materials. Does this sound like your dream home? Such is the promise of DURABRIC Homes, a turnkey solution launched in Malawi by 14Trees, LafargeHolcim’s joint-venture with CDC. Find out more!


What’s new on DURABRIC?

DURABRIC is the affordable and low-carbon construction technique for earth-based building created by LafargeHolcim. Through an innovative mix-design, it does not need firing and thus addresses one of the causes of deforestation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In addition to the DURABRIC Homes concept, there have been new developments since the launch of the first soil-stabilized bricks in 2013. The bricks have been made smaller to better suit the technique used by masons. New applications have also been created, such as the fly ash concrete block, where 30-50 of the aggregates are replaced by fly ash collected from a nearby tobacco plant in Malawi.



A joint-venture company between LafargeHolcim and CDC, the UK’s Development Finance Institution, was formed with the goal of scaling up our Affordable Housing solutions across developing countries. 14Trees will focus on the production and promotion of DURABRIC, our affordable, low-carbon construction solution, in various developing countries affected by deforestation resulting from the use of wood-fired bricks. Through DURABRIC, 14Trees will build better lives.


Your dream home in a matter of weeks

Do you remember DURABRIC, our soil-stabilized earth-cement brick for affordable housing? It is now part of a brand new concept launched in Malawi in February 2018. 14Trees, LafargeHolcim’s joint-venture with CDC, the UK’s development finance institution, has developed DURABRIC Homes, a turnkey solution for more beautiful, more affordable houses that are faster to build.



The promise? With DURABRIC Homes, 14Trees delivers your dream home on time (12 to 16 weeks), on budget and in high quality! All that customers have to do is provide their own plot of land, and choose from five free house designs which include kitchens, bathrooms, and even verandas. 14Trees takes care of the rest with its partner contractors to ensure a hassle-free construction process.


What does DURABRIC offer?

DURABRIC Homes will be built from top quality, climate-friendly and innovative materials including products from the DURABRIC range:

  • DURABRIC soil-stabilized brick, which doesn’t require firing and help fight deforestation,
  • DURABRIC Concrete Blocks, which promotes circular economy by incorporating fly ash from local industry,
  • Other integrated products such as doors, windows, sanitation and a solar water heater specifically sourced for the best quality and price from our partner suppliers,
  • A solar kit can also be provided on demand which will protect against grid blackouts.

The DURABRIC Homes concept is being considered for expansion beyond Lilongwe, Malawi. 14Trees is currently looking at other African countries such as Kenya.