Agilia® and Chronolia®: higher, better, faster, stronger

Agilia® and Chronolia®: higher, better, faster, stronger

The skyline of Boston, one of North America’s oldest cities, is getting a new look. At 226 meters high, the 60-storey One Dalton Street tower will stand as the tallest residential building in the state of New England. This ambitious project entails a demanding construction timeline, a challenge that contractors G&C Concrete were able to rise to, with the help of LafargeHolcim’s Agilia® and Chronolia® high-performance concretes.


A towering challenge

When completed in Spring 2019, the new One Dalton Street tower will house 184 condominiums and 215 hotel rooms. This ambitious project requires 53,500 m3 of concrete, with the additional towering challenge of completing two storeys per week.

“One of our greatest challenges was finding the ideal high-performance concrete solutions that would help us improve productivity and accelerate placement schedules.”

Mike Curtis, President, G&C Concrete.

Faced with this challenging performance criterion G&C Concrete turned to teams from LafargeHolcim subsidiary Aggregate Industries in the USA to find their ideal high-performance solutions:

  • Agilia® - high-strength, self-consolidating concrete mixes, which are custom-designed to achieve optimal flowability and workability, as well as meeting the various strength requirements of the project without the need for vibration.
  • Chronolia® - an innovative, quick-setting concrete that will achieve the accelerated construction goals of each floor’s 11,500-square-foot slab. Designed with a proprietary blended cement mix containing silica fume and fly ash, the Chronolia® concrete product achieves a rapid specified strength gain of 3,500 psi in only 24 hours.

For G&C Concrete, the customized Agilia® and Chronolia® mixes are the ideal high-performance solutions needed to meet the demanding speed of construction and quality goals for the One Dalton Street project.

“Due to the Agilia® product’s superb self-consolidating properties in the heavy-rebar applications, there is no need for vibration, and the surface finish on the columns is nice and smooth, which is a huge benefit in terms of labor requirements and time savings. The Chronolia® concrete product is also performing up to speed and making a strong contribution to our success by hitting its specified high early-strength consistently and allowing us to strip out the forms early.”

Mike Curtis, President, G&C Concrete.


Reaching new heights with high-performance concrete


Self-placing, self-levelling concrete

  • No vibration needed
  • Easy placing
  • Faster pouring for fewer work hours


Timesaving high early strength concrete

  • Rapid hardening properties
  • Two hours of workability & early hydration growth for ease of use
  • Formworks can be removed 3-5 times faster than standard concrete