Expanding dry mortars portfolio in Zimbabwe

A key part of our retail offer, our teams in Zimbabwe are answering increased demand for Dry Mortars in the country with new products, and plans to expand the range further.


In Zimbabwe, the market is characterised by the presence of many small local manufacturers and strong competition from international companies. The country’s industrial mortar market has an estimated growth rate that reaches 15-20 .

Answering this increased demand, our Zimbabwe division is expanding and restructuring its Dry-mortar offer to better meet their customers’ needs; with an expanded portfolio of five products:

  • SupaFix: Range for tile installation and grouting
  • Impermo: Admixtures for waterproofing concrete and mortar
  • Wall Solutions: Cement and lime-based wall finishes
  • SupaGrow: Lime for correcting soil acidity

A new Dry Mortar production plant will allow our affiliate to quadruple 2021 volume vs. 2020. Further collaboration in R&D with the LH Innovation Center will address skim coats, plastering and bricklaying needs with a cement based solution in the years to come.