Holcim delivers on expansion of Firestone Building Products business in Latin America

5 July 2021

• Holcim introduces new roofing product line in Mexico just ninety days since acquiring Firestone Building Products

• GacoFlex “TechoProtec” liquid applied waterproofing and roofing solutions cover a range of residential and commercial applications

• Expansion to continue in 2021 in Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina, leveraging company’s 2,600-strong Disensa network

Following the acquisition of Firestone Building Products in April 2021, Holcim Mexico has introduced Holcim GacoFlex TechoProtec line of products. TechoProtec, a premium waterproofing and thermal isolation roofing system, provides a cornerstone for Holcim’s ambition to become a leader in roofing and waterproofing systems in Latin America.

Jamie Gentoso, Global Head of Solutions & Products: “Our goal is to continue to globalize Firestone Building Products business through Holcim’s extensive footprint and leading market positions around the world. This new roofing product line is a critical milestone for Solutions & Products, displaying our agility, capability and commitment to grow this business!”

Oliver Osswald, Region Head Latin America & Trading: “Our team was quick to see the potential of Firestone Building Products and the opportunity to connect this to the Holcim GacoFlex line of products. TechoProtec is just the first of many new product lines that we intend to bring to market. The first steps to achieve our goals are being taken in Latin America, where we have been the leader in cement and concrete building materials. With this launch we will also become the regional leader in roofing systems.”

TechoProtec offers waterproofing and thermal isolation solutions for a range of residential and commercial applications and includes durations of three, five and seven years. It is available in 550 stores in Holcim Mexico’s Disensa retail network, as well as through Holcim distribution partners. TechoProtec forms part of the Holcim GacoFlex product line and will spearhead the regional expansion of the roofing business, with Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina targeted for further expansion in the second half of 2021.

The roofing business will be a cornerstone in the Solutions & Products business segment in Latin America and Holcim globally. Solutions & Products is focused on the design of new building solutions and portfolios that help customers build greener and smarter.



About Holcim

A global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, Holcim is at the forefront of green building solutions, from ECOPact concrete, enabling carbon-neutral construction to Firestone Building products, improving energy efficiency in buildings. Driving the circular economy to build more with less, it launched the world’s first green cement ECOPlanet with recycled construction and demolition waste inside and is pushing the boundaries of digitalization to make its business smarter end-to-end.  With sustainability at the core of its strategy Holcim is becoming a net zero company, accelerating our world’s green transformation. Holcim’s 70,000 people are passionate about building progress across its 70 markets and four business segments: Cement, Ready-Mix Concrete, Aggregates and Solutions & Products.




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