Holcim Innovation Hub: Advancing net-zero building

The Holcim Innovation Hub – inaugurated in September 2023 – showcases Holcim’s sustainable building solutions and serves as a co-creation lab to accelerate low-carbon, circular and energy-efficient building worldwide.

Based in Holcim’s industry-leading R&D center in Lyon, France, the Innovation Hub is where key stakeholders across the construction value chain gather to advance net-zero building. It offers working spaces where startups and think tanks can accelerate innovation together.

The Innovation Hub also serves as an urban dialogue platform to explore the future of sustainable cities and their construction via interactive exhibits and events.

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“It’s a very exciting time for the building sector, with so much momentum in innovation to advance sustainable solutions. At Holcim, we want to partner with the best and brightest innovators to accelerate the transition to low-carbon, circular and energy-efficient building. Our Innovation Hub is designed to host partners – from startups to architects – to explore new solutions together.”

Nollaig Forrest| Chief Sustainability Officer, Holcim

The immersive showroom demonstrates how Holcim’s innovative and sustainable solutions decarbonize buildings throughout their lifecycle.

These include low-carbon materials such as ECOPact concrete and ECOPlanet cement to build better with less, and roofing, insulation and facade systems that drive energy efficiency to improve in-use sustainability.

Solutions such as ECOCycle® – Holcim’s proprietary circular technology platform – drive circular construction. The technology enables the recycling of up to 100% construction demolition materials into new building solutions.

Startups, think tanks and working groups unite throughout the year during events hosted at the Holcim Innovation Hub. Together we foster forward-looking exchanges with key stakeholders across the construction value chain to accelerate the shift to sustainable building.

Welcome to the Innovation Hub

Our flagship low-carbon concrete and cement with at least 30% less CO2 emissions

Building better with less with smart design such as TectorPrint and CPC

Advanced roofing systems making buildings more sustainable

Superior performance requiring up to 25% less water than traditional cement

Building new from old with circular construction

The latest technologies, including CCUS, to make construction more sustainable

Space to hold discussions and network

Space to unwind and connect with likeminded people

We are pushing the boundaries of innovation to shape the future of building.

We are at the forefront of decarbonizing building across its entire lifecycle.

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