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The University of St.Gallen's SQUARE Learning Center was built with ECOPlanet Susteno, the first and only resource-saving cement in Europe with up to 20% construction and demolition waste inside.


The Geocycle Recycling Center in Retznei, Austria processes 130,000 tons of CDW every year.

Our purpose – to build progress for people and the planet – guides our business. We are committed to becoming a net-zero company by 2050, leading the transition to a circular economy, and conducting world-leading research and development.

Our teams around the world are driving this positive change. Our stories reflect the people and communities we work with, the innovative projects we lead, and our commitment to sustainability in all aspects of our business.

Read our inspiring accounts to discover how we’re building a greener world and becoming a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions.

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The extension of the Al-Ain El-Sokhna Port in Egypt has reduced CO2 emissions by 45% thanks to our low-carbon ECOPlanet cement.

ECOPact green concrete was used to build a modern energy-from-waste facility (EfW) outside of London, reducing CO2 emissions by 42%.

In 2021 alone, Aggregate Industries UK recycled over 822,500 tons of Construction & Demolition Waste — almost one tenth of Holcim’s 2025 target.

Holcim Ecuador's Loma Alta aggregates plant shows how inclusion boosts employee pride, empowerment and long-term value for our company.

Accelerating the shift to net-zero transport, we launched a fleet of 100% electric trucks with a 420 km range in Germany.

BPM Architects and Bouygues Bâtiment Center Sud-Ouest construction group used ECOPact green concrete to build a modern middle school for the town of Le Pian-Médoc.

We’re taking a stake in N1, a German green tech company that has been providing innovative digital solutions to the construction industry for years.

In June 2022, Holcim produced the world’s first clinker made entirely of recycled minerals at its plant in Altkirch, France.

Sabowind, a full-service supplier and operator of wind energy, used ECOPact green concrete to build a new wind farm in Markowice.

At the Maya cement plant, Holcim El Salvador is deploying innovative technologies for increased efficiency and further progress on our net-zero journey.

In the US and Canada, Holcim business is taking the first steps to convert to electric vehicles over the next few years in line with the company’s overarching goal to reduce indirect carbon emissions from sources like transportation (Scope 3 emissions).

Real estate developer SEGRO used ECOPact green concrete to revitalize a former coal mining area in Germany by building a new logistics park on the site. The project delivered 825 tons of CO₂ savings, or a reduction of 33% compared to the German industry reference.