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Holcim builds smart, sustainable solutions. Learn how we are bringing innovation, technology and low-carbon solutions together to change the building sector.

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In June 2022, Holcim produced the world’s first clinker made entirely of recycled minerals at its plant in Altkirch, France.

Sabowind, a full-service supplier and operator of wind energy, used ECOPact green concrete to build a new wind farm in Markowice.

At the Maya cement plant, Holcim El Salvador is deploying innovative technologies for increased efficiency and further progress on our net-zero journey.

In the US and Canada, Holcim business is taking the first steps to convert to electric vehicles over the next few years in line with the company’s overarching goal to reduce indirect carbon emissions from sources like transportation (Scope 3 emissions).

Real estate developer SEGRO used ECOPact green concrete to revitalize a former coal mining area in Germany by building a new logistics park on the site. The project delivered 825 tons of CO₂ savings, or a reduction of 33% compared to the German industry reference.

Reimagining concrete

Did you know that concrete can be part of the solution to make cities greener?

Casa Laguna, the largest affordable housing project in Ecuador to date, used ECOPact green concrete for a 3,500 unit housing development. In total, ECOPact enabled 60% less CO2 emissions compared to conventional concrete.

Take a deeper look at 14Trees, a Holcim and CDC Group joint venture dedicated to accelerating sustainable and innovative construction solutions in Africa.

At Holcim, climate action is at the heart of our strategy to build a net-zero future that works for people and the planet. Our approach to become a net-zero company is science-driven, with our industry’s first net-zero 2030 and 2050 targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Harnessing the power of thermal concrete activation with ECOPact

For this demanding project, HRS Real Estate AG relied on a product innovation from Holcim Switzerland that closes the material cycle: the resource-saving and low CO2 concrete ECOPact+.

At Holcim we are committed to leading cement’s green transformation, in line with our industry-first 2050 net-zero targets, validated by the Science Based Targets initiative. One of the ways we are decarbonizing cement is by increasing our use of innovative low-emission raw materials, such as calcined clay.

To advance “Strategy 2025 - Accelerating Green Growth”, we are continuously expanding our range of integrated solutions and systems, from construction and energy efficiency to repair and refurbishment.

For breakthrough impact on our net-zero journey, we are exploring a range of next-generation technologies to help us decarbonize the built environment. Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is one of the most important technologies in our portfolio. With over 30 CCUS projects ongoing, the techniques we’re testing today will lay the foundation to decarbonize our business beyond 2030.

Health & Safety is a core value at Holcim and top of mind every day across all our operations – and that includes mental health. Enhancing workplace mental health is fundamental to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for our people. The pandemic has stressed the importance of this topic even more.

Holcim offers exciting opportunities for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Here you can make an impact by pioneering the innovations that drive performance, circularity and carbon neutrality across our value chain.

LafargeHolcim cement is one of the most carbon-efficient in the world. With our target of 520kg of CO2/ton of cementitious by 2030, we are among the most ambitious companies in our sector. We are committed to reducing emission levels in line with a 2-degree scenario as agreed at the COP21 world climate conference in Paris.

Imagine if you could store energy replacing batteries with a local, safe, affordable and recyclable material. With our partners INSA Lyon and ENGIE, we are developing a breakthrough energy storage technology to serve as an alternative to batteries.
With 2.5 billion people expected to live in cities by 2050, material choices are key to demonstrating how people and nature can thrive together in tomorrow’s urban environments.

As a global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions, our products play an essential role in the development of greener buildings and more liveable cities. For example our green concrete range ECOPact offers 30% to 100% lower carbon compared to standard (CEM I) concrete.

Technologies like 3D concrete printing are opening new ways to build more, and to build more quickly, using less material. Our proprietary ink, TectorPrint, helps architects and designers showcase the possibilities.

Sustainable construction is essential to building a net-zero future that works for people and the planet – and our green building solutions are bringing this reality to life in cities around the world.

Our open innovation and venture client unit, Holcim MAQER, met the world’s cutting-edge startups and leading investors to fuel innovation in the construction industry.

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