At Holcim, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of our sector.

We develop disruptive solutions to decarbonize building through Research and Development (R&D), and foster
a unique open innovation ecosystem with hundreds of startups around the world.


#1 largest R&D organization in the industry


5 worldwide R&D hubs


300+ scientists worldwide


Our experts span all building fields, from masons and engineers to material scientists, experts in artificial intelligence and data mining. They drive cutting-edge research in more than 15 areas from ultra high-strength concrete to 3D printing. 

Holcim MAQER Ventures is
our corporate venture capital and open
innovation unit. Through three approaches – venture capital, venture clienting and an accelerator program – we partner with construction sector startups to reinvent how the world builds.

Our state-of-the-art showroom and co-creation lab brings together key stakeholders across the construction value chain to accelerate low-carbon, circular and energy-efficient building worldwide. 


Innovation in action


Explore some of our innovative projects and partnerships to decarbonize building:

Fast-forwarding carbon removal with neustark

The startup neustark, part of the Holcim MAQER Ventures portfolio, has developed a solution to do exactly that: their mineralization technology permanently binds CO2 in recycled concrete.

Phoenix rises from Striatus

Phoenix is made with 10 tons of recycled materials, including recycled aggregates from the original blocks of Striatus bridge. We developed a proprietary concrete ink for Phoenix, with an optimized low-carbon formulation that has a 40% lower CO2 footprint compared to the original Striatus. 

MIT and Holcim join forces on innovative circular building system

The “PixelFrame” system will help us drive circular construction by reducing the material footprint of products through efficient material use and material recovery.

The Essential Homes Research Project

An Essential Home is a place that provides durability, safety, dignity and wellbeing—and is built sustainably. The Norman Foster Foundation integrated these characteristics in the design, and Holcim brought them to life with its sustainable building solutions. 

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