Social initiatives

We empower people and communities to build a better future.

We are part of the global solution when it comes to sustainable development for people and the planet, and we therefore go beyond holding a local-level social license to operate. We seek to empower people and communities through our innovative, sustainable building materials and solutions to build a better future.

We create social value linked to our business through the affordable housing and community initiatives we lead. Ultimately, we plan to make communities more liveable with our sustainable building solutions for all.


Why we do this

1.2 billion people around the world do not have access to decent housing and infrastructure. To address this need, our contribution to society focuses on developing affordable housing and infrastructure solutions together with governments and people on low incomes in different countries.

Enabling people and communities to build affordable, decent housing and infrastructure will make a positive social impact by improving living standards. Leveraging our business skills and market knowledge creates both additional benefits for people and for our business – and helps us to meet our own ambitious goals and societal expectations.


Positive impacts linked to our business

Our business is predominantly local in the 2,300 sites across 60 countries where we operate. We are an integral part of communities where we operate and provide access to work, training and skills, and source locally wherever possible. Today, more than 80% of our procurement spend directly benefits local and national markets.

We are committed to continue creating shared value and uplifting the wellbeing of communities worldwide. The strategy focuses on three pillars: bridging the world’s housing and infrastructure gap, improving livelihoods and upholding the highest standards of human rights. Holcim’s commitment builds on our legacy of positive social impact, having benefited 30 million people with more than CHF 200m in social initiatives over the last five years.

Our business plays an essential role in society's progress. We build the roads, bridges, hospitals and schools that enable people to thrive around the world. With three billion people expected to lack access to adequate housing by 2030, I am committed to putting our business to work to uplift our communities.

Jan Jenisch| CEO HOLCIM

On our journey to build progress for people and the planet, Holcim will:

  • Accelerate access to adequate housing and infrastructure to improve living standards for all
  • Continue to support communities, from health and education to skill building
  • Contribute CHF 500m to create positive social impact by 2030

We will do this in collaboration with social partners such as NGOs or the United Nations to create ecosystems for scalable affordable housing, rural roads and other inclusive infrastructure solutions.

Fostering collaborations and partnerships, we work with organizations such as the CDC Group for Finance Development Cooperation of the UK and others to create ecosystems for affordable housing and infrastructure development, deploying innovative solutions such as 3D printing and market based approaches to improve living standards.

Building progress for people around the world

With our business predominantly local in the 2,300 sites across 70 countries where we operate, our markets are the builders of progress providing access to affordable housing and infrastructure, health, education and skills, leading to better livelihoods to build a better world for all.

3D printed school in Malawi

Holcim’s 14Trees pioneers 3D printing technology in Africa for affordable housing and schools.

Affordable housing

We offer a wide range of innovative solutions for the construction, renovation and extension of affordable houses, tailored to the local challenges and needs of individuals, NGOs, and public organizations responsible for housing.

Supporting communities during COVID

Building on our long tradition of working closely with our communities and promoting their health and well-being, our teams all around the world are mobilized to implement an extraordinary range of measures at country level to fight Covid-19.