Looking for more information about Holcim? Our Group and local teams around the world are on hand to respond to all enquiries. Please get in touch by phone or email to find out how we can support you.

Our Group headquarters

We are based in Switzerland.

Get in touch with us at:
Holcim Ltd
Grafenauweg 10
6300 Zug

Phone +41 (0)58 858 58 58

Your local contacts

Visit our directory to find your local website and country contacts.

Building material contacts for professionals and individuals

If you are a building professional, developer, architect, project manager, tradesperson, entrepreneur or private individual, please consult our directory. Your local contacts will be happy to provide advice, documentation and further information about our products, materials and solutions.

Contacts for suppliers

If you would like to supply materials, products or services, please contact your local business unit using our directory.


To get in touch about sustainability-related matters, please contact us at:

Media Relations

Journalists can contact our Media Relations team at:

Phone +41 (0)58 858 87 10

Investor Relations

For any enquires relating to finance, ESG and investors, please contact our Investor Relations team at:

Phone +41 (0)58 858 87 87

Social media community engagement guidelines

Thank you for joining the Holcim community. Please read these guidelines designed to keep our followers and friends safe online.

Holcim is responsible for protecting and maintaining the integrity of this community. While we actively encourage this community to get involved by posting, commenting and taking part in discussions, we do have some basic rules.

Holcim will remove content if it:

  • is obscene or disrespectful
  • is irrelevant to the aims of the Holcim community
  • is irrelevant to the original post
  • is judged to be spam
  • is abusive or threatening to the Holcim community or individuals within it
  • distributes false and/or misleading information
  • advertises or promotes products and/or services
  • repeatedly posts the same information