Health & Safety


Being a leader in the building materials industry means setting new health and safety standards. Health and safety is at the center of everything we do, from the daily routines in our plants to our customers’ work sites and our actions in our neighboring communities. Our aspiration is to conduct our business with zero harm to people and to create a healthy and safe environment for our employees, contractors, communities, and customers.


Driving cultural change

A cultural assessment was undertaken with over 40,000 employees and contractors to establish the baseline of our mindset change journey. HSE training, one of the main elements to drive cultural change, involves not only imparting knowledge to employees, but also ensuring our company’s goals and values are clearly understood. More than 45 e-learnings and tutorials were developed covering our main standards and programs. Also, our mission to drive cultural change culminates in our annual Global HSE Days. Over this period we mobilize our stakeholders and build the attitudes and behaviors that will help us achieve zero harm.


Engaging the entire organization

When it comes to implementation of our strategy, our philosophy is based on simplicity and focused messages for target audiences. To ensure rules are easy to follow, visual tools were created to support our HSE Standards. These tools include booklets, posters and toolbox talks in the form of cartoons. A new program on Critical Control Management has been launched with a set of ready-to-use tools and materials, with a specific visual charter: guide, posters and field signage, flipbook, video, e-learning module and other training materials.


Key lessons

In order to widely spread learnings from past incidents, “Key Lessons” for Workers are displayed on sites through simple posters associated with short 3-D video clips. QR codes allow site workforce to watch them in small groups on mobile phones: they can better understand the root cause(s) and know what to do to avoid reproducing this type of incident.


Replicate with pride

Promoting HSE through engagement and communication campaigns is what brings it to life. HSE challenges are periodically organized, mobilizing all workforce to contribute and share good practices. Since the launch of Ambition “0”, HSE challenges have had more than 3000 entries, 140 000 votes, and more than 30000 participants on 50000 visits, a great commitment from employees at all levels of the organization.


Supporting the health of our workforce and stakeholders

Our health ambition is to protect, support and grow the physical, mental and social well-being of our people to build a sustainable business. This is achieved by operating with adherence to solid Occupational Hygiene and Health programs. Our long-term health goals are to:

  • Attain zero occupational illnesses or injuries
  • Achieve Occupational Health exposure reduction through engineering reduction programs
  • Accommodate work attendance, productivity and the retention of employees with illnesses or disabilities, where practicable
  • Facilitate access to quality healthcare where it is not available in the local community
  • Enhance workforce well-being, engagement and performance
  • Engage with local communities to promote well-being and build relationships of trust
  • Ensure endemic and pandemic disease preparedness


Facts and figures

66 health clinics

across 18 countries

20% of our employees

are first aiders

+250,000 people

benefit from these health clinic services


Road safety

At Holcim, we closely work with logistics partners to ensure safe and on-time deliveries. This transport activity represents an average of 2 billion km per year. That would be more than 5,000 times to the moon and back or nearly 50,000 times around the world! Therefore, we are committed to providing a safe environment to our truck drivers and all other people on the roads. Our road safety program launched in 2016 is based on three pillars: driver training Journey management, In-Vehicle Monitoring System, driver feedback and coaching.


Digitizing Health & Safety on the road

Improving transport safety through the latest technology is at the heart of Holcim Transport Analytics Center (TAC). In India, our TAC plays an instrumental role in providing several countries with well-structured and systematic analytics for driver and transporter performance. Thanks to connections to several data sources, such as ERP dispatch applications and devices connected to trucks, the platform delivers advanced analytics to reduce logistic cost, improve road safety performance, while reducing our carbon footprint. Our TAC is now connected with more than 60,000 trucks, doing over 2.25 million trips in a month in over 50 countries from Asia, Latin America and Africa, Europe and North America covering 75% of our total km driven.


Road safety improvements since the launch of Ambition "0"


Road fatalities


Hours of driver training delivered

In Vehicle Monitoring Systems installed