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Holcim x Norman Foster Foundation

We partnered with the Norman Foster Foundation to launch the Essential Homes Research Project. This model for dignified and sustainable housing for displaced people was presented during the 2023 Venice Biennale of Architecture.

Produced in partnership with Dezeen, our “Concrete Icons” video series features renowned architects exploring the world's most striking concrete buildings.

Building on the success of Striatus, Holcim teamed up with Zaha Hadid Architects as well as other partners to launch the Phoenix bridge. Phoenix is a first-of-its-kind 3D-printed concrete masonry bridge built with 10 tons of recycled materials.

We are decarbonizing building for a net-zero future. We are greening our operations, building better with less, making buildings sustainable in use and driving circular construction.

With Holcim materials and solutions, you can:

Build better with less

We are decarbonizing construction, enabling our customers to build better with less. Our low-carbon materials, from ECOPact concrete to ECOPlanet cement, deliver 100% performance starting at 30% less CO2. We are also deploying smart design systems like 3D printing that can reduce material use by up to 50%.

Reference projects:

Make buildings sustainable

We are making buildings more sustainable in use, decarbonizing our cities. This is where the majority of our sector’s emissions are generated, with 70% of the CO2 emissions in construction coming from buildings in use. We’re expanding our solutions to reduce this footprint. Our broad range of solutions, from roofing to insulation, is driving energy efficiency and green retrofitting.

Reference projects:

Build new from old

We are driving circular construction to build new from the old, as a world leader in recycling. Our goal is to double down in this area. In 2023, we recycled over 8 million tons of construction demolition materials and we aim to recycle 20 million tons each year by 2030. We are putting circularity at the core of everything we do, from leveraging our ECOCycle circular technology platform to upcycling plastic bags in roofing systems.

Reference projects:



La Marseillaise, Marseille, France

Kunsthaus Zurich extension, Zurich, Switzerland

Apple headquarters, Cupertino, USA

Shangyin Opera House, Huangpu Qu, China

Futuristic Kindergarten, Galicia, Spain

CAP Group Headquarters, Milan, Italy

Sport Hall Dolni Brezany, Brezany, Czech Republic

Iconic Tower, New Administrative Capital, Egypt

Gateway pavilion, Washington DC, USA

Zurich Insurance headquarters, Chicago, USA


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