Holcim joins World Ocean Council to scale up action for sustainable marine ecosystems

8 June 2021

• Joins World Ocean Council for sustainable ocean stewardship

• Global deployment of bioactive concrete for marine ecosystem restoration

• Driving coastline protection and sustainable ports in over 30 international projects

In celebration of World Ocean Day, Holcim joins the World Ocean Council (WOC), a global, cross-sectoral industry alliance committed to sustainable ocean stewardship. This membership builds on Holcim’s long-standing commitment to reviving marine ecosystems.

Magali Anderson, Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer: “I am extremely proud to formalize our commitment to sustainable ocean stewardship by joining the World Ocean Council. Working with the Council’s members, we expect to scale up our actions to preserve our oceans.”

Paul Holtus, CEO of the WOC: “We are very pleased and honored to welcome Holcim as a member of the World Ocean Council along with other visionary organizations concerned with the health of the global ocean. Holcim’s focus on driving sustainability with innovation will make a great contribution to the work of the WOC.”

Holcim has innovated to promote sustainable oceans for decades. A recent example is the global deployment of its bioactive patented bilayer concrete that helps rehabilitate coastal ecosystems. This bioactive concrete has been in place for over three years in the Parc des Calanques near Marseilles (FR), where it contributed to a four-fold increase in marine species. Building on this success, bioactive solutions are being installed in other coastal environments in the Pacific, Caribbean and the Persian Gulf in partnership with EGIS/Seaboost. This work was recently recognized by the Solar Impulse Foundation, which awarded Holcim’s bioactive concrete its ‘Efficient Solution’ label.

Holcim plays a key role in developing coastal protection solutions. For example, the company is contributing to the renovation of the Afsluitdijk in the Netherlands, a 32-kilometer long dyke that is key to the country's sea defense infrastructure. Specially developed precast blocks will cover around 700,000 m2 of the dyke, protecting it from strong waves and rising water levels. In addition Holcim is part of over 30 international sustainable port infrastructure projects in over 25 countries including Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Madagascar, France and the UK.

Holcim is also actively engaged in preventing marine litter from reaching the oceans, notably through its waste management company, Geocycle. Geocycle India has recently installed the Bubble Barrier in the Yamuna River in the city of Agra. This non-invasive technology removes plastic waste from rivers, which are the source of most of the plastic that reaches the oceans.


As the world’s global leader in building solutions, Holcim is reinventing how the world builds to make it greener and smarter for all. On its way to becoming a net zero company, Holcim offers global solutions such as ECOPact, enabling carbon-neutral construction and Firestone roofing systems for higher energy-efficiency in buildings. With its circular business model, the company is a global leader in recycling waste as a source of energy and raw materials through products like Susteno, its leading circular cement. Innovation and digitalization are at the core of the company’s strategy, with more than half of its R&D projects dedicated to greener solutions. Holcim’s 70,000 employees are committed to improving quality of life across more than 70 markets through its four business segments: Cement, Ready-Mix Concrete, Aggregates and Solutions & Products.

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Bio-active concrete

Partnering with EGIS/Seaboost we have contributed to artificial reefs that will help support the marine ecosystem.