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Driven by our purpose to build progress for people and the planet, Holcim is on a mission to decarbonize building.

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What to expect? Stories like these:

Holcim is deploying green building solutions to make every new building a monument of sustainability.

Produced in partnership with Dezeen, our "Concrete Icons" video series features renowned architects on some of the most iconic concrete buildings of our time. Building them with Holcim’s ECOPact green concrete can lower their carbon footprint by at least 30%.


Circular cities are catalysts in building a net zero future.

They are built with sustainable buildings, powered by renewable energy, connected through green mobility and equipped with recycling hubs. Holcim is at the core of making circular cities a reality with our green building solutions.

We are partnering with urban leaders - from city mayors and architects to real estate companies - to build more circular cities together.


Holcim is driving circular construction to decarbonize building.

We are recycling materials to build new from the old, reducing buildings’ footprints to build better with less, and regenerating ecosystems to build for nature.


We can all be part of the shift towards more circular living. With Go Circular, Holcim is sailing around the world in The Ocean Race with this call to action.

Building progress for people and the planet, Holcim is on a mission to decarbonize building across its entire lifecycle.

From greening our operations, to reducing the footprint of construction with low-carbon solutions; from making buildings more sustainable in use with energy efficient and green retrofitting systems; to driving circular construction.



In this edition you will: 

  • Learn more about the importance of circularity and sustainability
  • See decarbonizing building in action at Amazon
  • Watch architect Tatiana Bilbao present Casa Ventura, a concrete icon 

In this edition you will: 

  • Learn more on how Holcim is decarbonizing every stage of a building’s lifecycle
  • How to make cement with 50% less CO2
  • Explore the largest 3D-printed affordable housing to date

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