Profitable growth continues, record Q3

29 October 2021

● Good momentum continues, Q3 net sales CHF 7,286m, +5.0% LFL
● Record Q3 Recurring EBIT of CHF 1,534m, +4.7% LFL
● Progress with expansion of Solutions & Products
● 2050 net-zero targets validated by Science Based Targets initiative
● Guidance for FY2021 Recurring EBIT growth upgraded to at least 22% LFL


Performance overview Q3

Group (in million CHF) Q3 2021 Q3 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Net sales  7,286 6,455 +12.9 +5.0
Recurring EBIT 1,534 1,445 +6.2 +4.7

Performance overview 9M

Group (in million CHF) 9M 2021 9M 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Net sales  19,842 17,148 +15.7 +12.2
Recurring EBIT 3,516 2,639 +33.3 +35.2

Jan Jenisch, CEO: “I’m pleased that we have achieved a record quarter of profitable growth once again. I congratulate my teams for their exceptional resilience as they continue to successfully navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic in a dynamic business environment. On the back of their performance we have revised our Recurring EBIT growth guidance from 18% to at least 22% on a like-for-like basis.

“Most importantly, our colleagues have kept their focus on our key long-term value creation drivers to become the global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions. We are picking up momentum in our strategic portfolio transformation, with the divestment of our business in Brazil, the announcement of nine bolt-on acquisitions so far this year and the expansion of our Firestone GacoFlex range from Mexico to Colombia and Ecuador. We continue to lead the way in our sector's climate action, as recognized yesterday by the Science Based Targets initiative's validation of our 2050 net-zero targets, with the deployment of our green building solutions, from ECOPact to ECOPlanet at the heart of our journey.”

Record Recurring EBIT in Q3

Net sales of CHF 7,286 million for the third quarter of 2021 were up 5.0% on a like-for-like basis (LFL) compared to the prior year, or +12.9% of absolute growth. The Recurring EBIT increase was primarily driven by strong pricing and good cost management. Net sales over the first nine months of 2021 were CHF 19,842 million, or 12.2% higher LFL than the prior-year period.

Recurring EBIT reached a record CHF 1,534 million in the third quarter of 2021, up 4.7% LFL compared to the prior-year period, or +6.2% of absolute growth. Recurring EBIT for the nine months was also a record at CHF 3,516 million, an increase of 35.2% LFL over the prior-year period.

Successful portfolio transformation continues

The company continues its M&A strategy, transforming its portfolio to become the global leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions. Holcim completed two bolt-on acquisitions in the third quarter bringing the announced number of transactions to nine in 2021, in addition to the Firestone acquisition that is off to a strong start on a double-digit growth trajectory. The company announced the signing of the divestment of its business in Brazil in the third quarter. It is also finalizing the closing of the previously announced sale of businesses in Zambia and Malawi. The divestment of business in the Indian Ocean region has closed this week. These divestments strengthen the company’s balance sheet to fuel continued investment in attractive growth opportunities.

Strengthened leadership in sustainability

Holcim continues to lead its industry’s sustainable transition as the first in its sector with 2050 net-zero targets validated by the Science Based Targets initiative, cutting across its operations and value chain (Scope 1, 2 and 3). The company also expanded its sustainable financing agreements with the completion of two new transactions worth more than CHF 3 billion in total linked to its sustainability targets, including climate and safety. The company is also accelerating the global rollout of ECOPact green concrete and ECOPlanet green cement, now in 24 and 11 markets respectively. ECOPlanet will be available in 15 markets globally by the end of 2021.


Holcim expects growth momentum to continue in all regions with double-digit net sales growth of Firestone Building Products in 2021. The company will pursue further bolt-on acquisitions while accelerating progress towards its 2030 sustainability targets.

For 2021 the company will deliver the following, with upgraded guidance on Recurring EBIT growth:

  • Over-proportional growth in Recurring EBIT of at least 22% LFL (from at least 18% LFL previously)
  • Capex less than CHF 1.4bn
  • Return on invested capital above 8%, cash conversion above 40%

Holcim will achieve all Strategy 2022 financial targets one year in advance

Key Group figures

Group 9M 2021 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Net sales 19,842 17,148 +15.7 +12.2
Recurring EBIT 3,516 2,639 +33.3 +35.2
Group results by segment 9M 2021 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Sales of cement (mt) 150.0 139.2 +7.8 +7.3
Net sales of Cement (CHFm) 12,203 11,135 +9.6 +14.8
Recurring EBIT of Cement (CHFm) 2,786 2,249 +23.9 +30.4
Recurring EBIT margin of Cement (%)  22.8 20.2    
Sales of aggregates (mt) 201.4 190.5 +5.7 +4.0
Net sales of Aggregates (CHFm)  3,018 2,780 +8.5 +5.9
Recurring EBIT of Aggregates (CHFm)  456 322 +41.9 +38.5
Recurring EBIT margin of Aggregates (%)  15.1 11.6    
Sales of ready-mix concrete (m m3) 34.6 31.0 +11.6 +9.5
Net sales of Ready-Mix Concrete (CHFm) 3,846 3,391 +13.4 +10.0
Recurring EBIT of Ready-Mix Concrete (CHFm) 101 0 n.m. n.m.
Recurring EBIT margin of Ready-Mix Concrete (%) 2.6 0    
Net sales of Solutions & Products (CHFm) 2,566 1,418 +80.9 +8.4
Recurring EBIT of Solutions & Products (CHFm) 173 71 +143.5 +20.1
Recurring EBIT margin of Solutions & Products (%) 6.7 5.0    

Regional performance Q3

Region Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific region demonstrated strong resilience to mitigate cost inflation in the quarter. Australia experienced good market trends while China slowed down. India recorded a solid performance and Marwar Mundwa cement capacity expansion started production in the quarter as expected.

Asia Pacific Q3 2021 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Sales of cement (mt) 15.9 16.2 -1.7 -1.7
Sales of aggregates (mt) 9.0 7.4 +21.7 +13.6
Sales of ready-mix concrete (m m3) 2.0 1.8 +8.9 +8.9
Net sales to external customers (CHFm) 1,404 1,341 +4.7 +3.1
Recurring EBIT (CHFm) 307 317 -3.2 -6.0

Region Europe

The Europe region showed a strong ability to offset cost inflation, with good demand in key markets and strong performances in the UK and Eastern European markets. The region maintained positive price over cost through the quarter and good progress in reducing CO2 intensity across its operations.

Europe Q3 2021 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Sales of cement (mt) 12.8 12.7 +0.5 +0.5
Sales of aggregates (mt) 30.8 31.5 -2.1 -2.6
Sales of ready-mix concrete (m m3) 5.1 5.0 +1.2 -0.4
Net sales to external customers (CHFm) 2,156 1,992 +8.3 +2.8
Recurring EBIT (CHFm) 414 397 +4.2 +1.5

Region Latin America

The region delivered Recurring EBIT margin expansion in Q3. Volume growth was significant in all business segments, with strong demand in Mexico and Argentina and recovery in Ecuador. Latin America maintained positive price over cost in the quarter, while further growth will be supported by continued expansion of the Disensa retail network.

Latin America Q3 2021 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Sales of cement (mt) 7.2 7.0 +2.6 +2.6
Sales of aggregates (mt) 1.8 1.3 +36.9 +36.9
Sales of ready-mix concrete (m m3) 1.2 1.1 +8.9 +8.9
Net sales to external customers (CHFm) 675 623 +8.4 +16.3
Recurring EBIT (CHFm) 238 217 +9.7 +19.0

Region Middle East Africa

The Middle East Africa region showed a solid performance in the quarter with good demand trends in Nigeria and Kenya and recovery in South Africa offsetting softer market conditions in Algeria and Egypt. The region maintained positive price over cost in the quarter.

Middle East Africa Q3 2021 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Sales of cement (mt) 9.3 8.9 +4.9 -2.5
Sales of aggregates (mt) 1.2 1.0 +13.2 +13.2
Sales of ready-mix concrete (m m3) 1.0 0.8 +30.5 +1.8
Net sales to external customers (CHFm) 653 602 +8.5 +10.7
Recurring EBIT (CHFm) 102 106 -4.2 +8.0

Region North America
Profitable growth continues in the North America region, with solid market trends in the US despite supply constraints in some markets and good demand growth in Canada. North America maintained positive price over cost with strong price momentum in the quarter.

North America Q3 2021 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Sales of cement (mt) 6.0 6.0 +0.2 +0.2
Sales of aggregates (mt) 35.6 35.6 +0.1 -0.6
Sales of ready-mix concrete (m m3) 3.1 3.0 +1.9 +0.8
Net sales to external customers (CHFm) 2,291 1,791 +27.9 +3.4
Recurring EBIT (CHFm) 568 504 +12.7 +5.9

Regional performance 9M

Asia Pacific 9M 2021 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Sales of cement (mt) 51.7 44.2 +17.0 +17.1
Sales of aggregates (mt) 25.8 20.5 +26.0 +12.9
Sales of ready-mix concrete (m m3) 5.9 5.4 +8.7 +8.7
Net sales to external customers (CHFm) 4,402 3,754 +17.3 +17.8
Recurring EBIT (CHFm) 1,020 754 +35.3 +35.6
Europe 9M 2021 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Sales of cement (mt) 35.0 33.7 +4.1 +4.1
Sales of aggregates (mt) 86.9 83.3 +4.3 +4.4
Sales of ready-mix concrete (m m3) 15.0 13.3 +12.9 +11.0
Net sales to external customers (CHFm) 6,043 5,265 +14.8 +9.9
Recurring EBIT (CHFm) 883 685 +28.9 +25.4
Latin America 9M 2021 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Sales of cement (mt) 20.5 17.3 +18.0 +18.0
Sales of aggregates (mt) 4.7 3.5 +35.0 +35.0
Sales of ready-mix concrete (m m3) 3.5 2.8 +26.7 +26.7
Net sales to external customers (CHFm) 1,944 1,603 +21.3 +36.2
Recurring EBIT (CHFm) 663 492 +34.7 +52.4
Middle East Africa 9M 2021 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Sales of cement (mt) 27.2 24.5 +11.1 +6.5
Sales of aggregates (mt) 3.2 2.4 +30.3 +30.3
Sales of ready-mix concrete (m m3) 2.4 2.0 +22.3 +5.6
Net sales to external customers (CHFm) 1,815 1,780 +2.0 +13.6
Recurring EBIT (CHFm) 299 243 +23.3 +46.7
North America 9M 2021 2020 ±% ±%LFL
Sales of cement (mt) 15.1 14.9 +1.5 +1.5
Sales of aggregates (mt) 80.8 80.8 -0.0 -0.7
Sales of ready-mix concrete (m m3) 7.8 7.5 +3.1 +2.1
Net sales to external customers (CHFm) 5,275 4,357 +21.1 +2.3
Recurring EBIT (CHFm) 948 764 +24.1 +14.7

Reconciliation to Group accounts

Reconciling measures of profit and loss to the Holcim Group’s consolidated statement of income:

In million CHF 9M 2021 (unaudited) 9M 2020 (unaudited)
Recurring EBITDA 5,201 4,326
Depreciation of right-of-use assets (270) (269)
Recurring EBITDA after leases 4,931 4,057
Depreciation and amortization (1,414) (1,419)
Recurring EBIT 3,516 2,639
Restructuring, litigation, implementation and other non-recurring costs (181) (64)
Impairment of operating assets (24) (173)
Operating profit 3,312 2,401

Non-GAAP definitions
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