Up to 60% of a building’s energy is lost through its roof, so choosing the right roof is a key factor in building. Our range from Firestone Building Products offers insulating, cool and green roofing systems.


The crowning glory of any building, the choice of roofing materials should never be an afterthought. Our roofing offer is designed to bring you the flexibility to realize a number of staggering architectural designs, from practical space-saving roof terraces to dramatic aesthetic flourishes, all with consideration to the environmental footprint of the build, and the delivered building.  

Durability and resistance

A concrete roof is an easy way to future-proof any design. Concrete is one of the most long-lasting roofing systems, with a life expectancy of up to a century. Concrete has a high resistance to external impact, able to withstand the harshest weather like hailstorms, snowstorms, high winds, etc. Its superior strength means a flat roof can be easily adapted into a productive space, a key consideration when designing for crowded urban areas. The easy cleaning of debris and high durability means concrete roofs are less susceptible to damage, leading to low installation and maintenance costs. Holcim provides materials to build from the foundations to the rooftop. We offer specialized mixes, expert guidance, and even innovative and sustainable roof terrace and attic insulation options.

Green city station roof