Building conversations

Architects inspire us every day to build progress for all. At this year's Venice Architecture Biennale - one of the biggest events in the field - we gave the floor to innovative and inspiring architects in the video series 'Building Conversations'.

Twelve prominent professionals shared their vision on architecture and its latest trends. Discover their inspiring intakes and the whole series on our YouTube Channel.


Hashim Sarkis (curator of the Biennale), Paola Viganò (architect and professor at EPFL) and Benedetta Tagliabue (founder EMBT studio) are only a few of the cutting-edge architects who shared their vision with us.

This food for thoughts inspires us while we tackle fundamental issues such as: how to make cities greener and to reconcile nature and cities; how to empower society with smarter infrastructure; and how to improve living standards for all. How to build progress for people and the planet.