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Holcim manufactures the industry’s most sustainable, high-performance roofing shingles – built to last, with a smaller environmental footprint.

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With our rapidly expanding Solutions & Products line, Holcim possesses deep knowledge and expertise in every aspect of residential roofing. Local teams are available worldwide to advise on the best solutions for specific construction and renovation needs.

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Innovating to advance energy-efficient roof construction

At Holcim, we are advancing sustainability in all aspects of the building envelope. Leveraging our strong commitment to innovation, Holcim’s expert teams develop energy-efficient and smart roofing solutions within our Innovation Center in Lyon, France and across our global research network.

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Malarkey roofing is making sustainable solutions possible for all in Los Angeles. Malarkey Roofing Products, part of the Holcim Building Envelope, meets the three-pronged challenge of material use reduction, improving buildings’ energy efficiency and cleaning the air we breathe.

A standard Malarkey residential roof upcycles at least 3,000 plastic bags into new shingles, driving circularity. Malarkey 3M™ Cool Roofing Granules include a technology based on granules that reflect 20-25% of the sun’s energy, reducing cooling-related energy needs.

Advanced roofing solutions from new builds to renovations

Our growing building solutions portfolio includes a range of integrated solutions and systems from construction and energy efficiency to repair and green retrofitting for sustainable buildings in use.

Malarkey Roofing Products provides complete residential roofing solutions, from roofing shingles to ice and water barriers. Our offer provides energy-efficient solutions for high-performance, cost-efficient and sustainable housing.

Malarkey is aligned with our commitment to driving a circular economy and world-leading innovation. Our residential roofing offer complements our products and solutions for the entire building envelope.

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