We are driven by three imperatives: to make cities greener, empower society with smarter infrastructure and improve living standards for all.

Making cities greener means rethinking construction from foundation to rooftop. This involves driving low-carbon and energy-efficient solutions.

Smarter infrastructure includes green mobility and renewable energy. Our teams push the boundaries of digitalization and drive smart design.

Finally, improving living standards for all means offering affordable and sustainable solutions that help communities thrive.

Building progress for people and the planet: this is how we are meeting society’s evolving needs.


Six megatrends

Population growth

The global population is expected to grow from 8 billion today to an estimated 10 billion in 2050.

Better living standards

Demand for improved living standards and more efficient infrastructure is on the rise globally.

Urbanization and megacities

As the rapid rise in urbanization continues, an estimated 2.5 billion more people will be living in cities by 2050.

Sustainable construction solutions

Resource scarcity and climate change are critical issues leading to strong demand for sustainable construction solutions.

Innovation-driven building

Light and modular construction solutions are some of the green building innovations pushing the industry toward a net-zero future.

Repair and refurbishment

Urbanization and the need to make buildings last over the long term are driving demand for repair and refurbishment solutions.

Accelerating green building with our customers, architects, real estate developers, governments and more

At the forefront of innovative and green building solutions

Sustainability and innovation are at the core of our mission to decarbonize building. At Holcim, we develop sustainable construction solutions that work for all and contribute to a net-zero future.

Leading the circular economy and reducing our carbon footprint

A leader in circular construction, we strive to build better with less by recycling, reducing and reusing materials across our operations to preserve nature’s precious resources and minimize waste.

Creating superior stakeholder value

Holcim employees share a strong commitment to shaping a greener world. Together, we create sustainable value for investors, consistently delivering superior financial and ESG performance.

Moving closer to customers with solutions and products

We promote growth along the entire construction value chain, developing affordable, energy-efficient, low-carbon building solutions that meet high standards for health, comfort, well-being and aesthetics.

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