21 % rise in sales for the 1st quarter 2000

27 April 2000

Lafarge's sales for the first quarter 2000 amounted to 2 451 million Euros, a progression of 21% on the first quarter 1999.

The following factors account for this increase:

  • Underlying growth of 10.6%

    All divisions experienced strongth growth compared to the same quarter in 1999: Cement: +11%, Aggregates & Concrete: +11%, Roofing: +12%, Gypsum: +8%, Specialty Products: +8%.

    Given the seasonality of sales and the low level of activity in the majority of countries in the Northern Hemisphere, the first quarter growth in sales cannot be extrapolated to the full year. This said, the positive trend witnessed during the first part of the year is encouraging. The majority of markets are showing favourable tendancies with the exception of Romania and Turkey.

    In mature countries, the particularly excellent market conditions in France, Spain and North America are of note.

    In growing countries, the most notable occurrences were the significant price increases in Brazil, the growth of sales in Morocco and the positive trend in the Philippines.

  • Structural changes with an impact of 4%. Recent acquisitions contributed 139 million Euros of additional sales. The principal contributors were Lafarge India (cement), Lafarge Halla Cement in South Korea, as well as Gypsum acquisitions in Australia and in Poland and also within Specialty Products (Mortars in Argentina and Paint in Italy).

    Divestments, notably Flat roofing and Aggregates operations in France and the UK represented in 1999 48 million Euros of sales.

  • Positive foreign exchange impact of 6.4%< arising principally from the appreciation of the US dollar, Canadian dollar and the Sterling against the Euro.


In million Euros March 31, 2000 March 31, 1999
Consolidated sales as of 31 March 2000
Cement 872 678
Aggregates & Concrete 701 586
Gypsum 338 304
Roofing 251 198
Specialty Products 289 251
Others 0 8
TOTAL 2,451 2,025
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