ACC’s Wadi ART Center creates stability and dignity for people living with HIV/AIDS

1 December 2017

In 2007, when many in India were ignoring that the country was facing the third-largest HIV epidemic in the world, ACC dared to take a different approach. They became India's first private sector company to commission a standalone anti-retroviral treatment (ART) center for the dedicated treatment of HIV/AIDS in their flagship cement facility in Wadi, Karnataka.


The Wadi center was conceived of as a world-class facility for the benefit of the local community, with the help of the National Aids Control Organization (NACO), the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and medical organizations such as Christian Medical College in Vellore. The Wadi plant is ACC’s largest cement manufacturing unit, and the Gulbarga district where it is located has been identified as an area with a high prevalence of HIV by NACO.

In its first year of operation, 2008, ACC's two centers counseled more than 8,000 affected individuals. To give the best possible medical care the 2,500 sq ft facility houses laboratories, consulting rooms, a pharmacy, pantry, toilets and sophisticated equipment such as a state-of-the art CD4/CD8 cell counting machine.




However, the ACC Ayushmaan Trust understands that providing full care to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA), means going beyond medical treatments, to helping them, their families and their communities to live with dignity. The center provides a full package of care, support and treatment to patients and their families who bare the brunt of the stigma, diminished livelihood options, poverty and lack of community support that accompany a positive diagnosis. To assist PLHA and their families in accessing care and supporting themselves from day to day, the ACC Ayushmann Trust has provided:

  • milk buffalo and goats, which families can rear and sell for a stable income


  • equipment such as sewing machines to help start small businesses
  • nutrition supplements and education kits for children.
ACC's ART Center by numbers

ACC's ART Center by numbers

  • 21,645 patients covered under General Health Camp
  • 16,165 patients tested for HIV
  • 1,497 patients tested positive
  • 8,883 patients undergoing CD4 cell counting
India’s road to improving HIV care

India’s road to improving HIV care

India is home to the third-largest HIV epidemic in the world, although good progress has been made in reducing new HIV infections by a half since 2001.

Despite the availability of free anti-retroviral treatment, uptake remains low as many individuals face difficulty in accessing clinics. By August 2016, there were more than 20,000 facilities offering HIV testing and counselling (HTC).

In early 2014, an HIV/AIDS Bill was passed prohibiting discrimination in employment, education, healthcare, travel and insurance, and protecting rights to privacy.