Aggregates Industries welcomes guests at wildlife hotel in UK plant

13 November 2017

You would not normally visit a cement plant to get closer to nature, but the Aggregates Industries team in Salford, UK, has welcomed wildlife onto an area of their site with new plants and a bug hotel!


An urban wildlife haven

Located in the middle of urban Manchester, UK, the Salford site houses an asphalt plant and a ready mixed concrete plant . The only oasis of calm in the otherwise very busy industrial landscape is the cemetery, which is just adjacent to the Aggregates Industries operation. But between the two sites was a deserted area of land of approximately 450m3 in size.

The Salford team decided to change this, planting plant flowers, vegetables and herbs to convert this little corner into a mini-nature reserve. They put up bird and bat boxes, and even constructed a bug hotel! In a just short time, the area has become a haven for wildlife as well as a great place for staff to relax on their breaks. Originally only a small area was planted, but the team has now incorporated other unused areas on the site.


Who’s been checking in?

Equipped with a reference book, Salford team set about identifying the different species, which included bees, birds, butterflies, moths, wasps and hedgehogs. Rod Holroyd, Plant Manager at Express Asphalt Salford, said, “It’s astonishing to see how nature comes to life with very little effort. This has been an enriching experience for the team.”

One team member recently attended a beekeeping course so the team hopes more apine visitors will check into the hotel next spring. Foxes, bats and rabbits have also been spotted near the site and, with a bit of luck, they will accept the Salford team’s hospitality and take up permanent residence!


Build your own bug hotel!

Build your own bug hotel!

To give your creepy-crawly visitors 5-star treatment you will need:

  • Structure: a stack of old wooden pallets, bricks
  • Gap fillers: dry leaves, sticks or straw dead wood and loose bark stones and tiles, corrugated cardboard, tubing (not plastic)

Stack the pallets using bricks for support at the corners, and fill in the gaps with a variety of other materials. Add a roof with bricks or tiles, surround your bug hotel with plants, and your first guests will soon check in!

Building for tomorrow

The 2030 Plan has clear targets for water and nature: We want to demonstrate a global positive change for biodiversity. The Salford team’s initiative here is right on point.