Building again with construction and demolition waste

21 May 2019

About our recycling center in Austria

building again with construction and demolition waste picture 1

LafargeHolcim continuously develops new business models that address waste challenges. One such case is Geocycle Austria, which is developing innovative solutions for construction and demolition waste (CDW). The Geocycle Recycling Center in Retznei, Austria processes 130,000 tonnes of CDW every year. Geocycle, in cooperation with the biggest aggregate and concrete partner in Austria, processes this waste and renders it reusable. Our cement plant in Retznei is setting new benchmarks in recycling and recovery, and the majority of the energy used by the plant is recovered from local pretreated waste. In addition, the waste heat from the kiln is reused by the local community for the heating of buildings. With the Geocycle Recycling Center, the team is also setting a standard in recycling CDW.

Circular economy at work

By 2020, the European Union has mandated that countries must be capable of recycling at least 70 percent of their CDW waste. Out of the total CDW coming to the Geocycle Recycling Center, 35 percent is co-processed in our cement, while another 35 percent is treated and used as recycled aggregates by construction companies.The remaining unrecyclable 30 percent is used as backfilling material for the cement plant quarry. While we provide cement for construction through our manufacturing facilities, we also offer a deconstruction and sorting service for CDW, and ensure it is recycled at the Geocycle Recycling Center. This approach truly brings the circular economy to life by closing the CDW loop. By implementing this solution, Geocycle demonstrates that it can contribute to achieving the EU’s ambitious target. The company will continue to give a second life to discarded demolition materials and reduce the CDW going to landfills. This initiative has also been recognized as a circular economy best practice by the European Circular Economy Industry Platform.

building again with construction and demolition waste picture 2