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Our roles are as unique as you are. Opportunities at Holcim range from Construction Managers and Architects, Engineers and Geologists, to Marketing and Communications professionals, and roles in Legal, Health and Safety, HR and Project Management. There are many ways to build progress with us. What do these roles have in common? Passionate, positive and pioneering people around the world who work together and share a passion for our planet.

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Our operations teams are dedicated to delivering the products and solutions our customers rely on. Our engineers in our plants, our fleets of truck drivers and mechanics and our logistics teams all play a key role in ensuring products reach our customers on time. A role in operations will see you at the heart of a collaborative team who make things happen.

“For any industry, the plants of tomorrow are known as industry 4.0. To Holcim, these plants of tomorrow are already a reality. Even in our Guayaquil Plant in Ecuador, we're using all this technology, digitalization and disruptive innovation we have today to achieve the same results but in a smarter, more efficient way.”
Erika Aragundy, Process Coordinator, Holcim Ecuador

“I can say it is a great achievement for me to operate a dump truck and to be an example for many women. To show that with confidence, effort, determination and dedication you can achieve whatever you want.”
Myrna Cantos Galan, Dump Truck Operation, Holcim Ecuador

“I’m particularly proud to work at Holcim because we are committed to progress, implementing sustainable solutions in the construction industry and because an environment is being created to drive innovation."
Erik Jantzen, Senior Project Engineer, Holcim Germany

Research, innovation and sustainability

We’re pushing the boundaries of innovation to build progress for people and the planet. It’s why we’ve built the largest R&D organization in the industry, with six innovation centers, 300 researchers and 1,500 active patents. It’s why we partner with hundreds of start-ups, like-minded companies and leading academic institutions. It’s why we actively seek out groundbreaking ideas for positive, sustainable change, from all industries.

Join us to be a part of a talented group of scientists, lab specialists, technicians and thought-leaders using their voice to challenge conventional thinking.

“I feel very lucky to have a job that is making a true difference for the future, and for now.”
Hélène Lombois Burger, Research Engineer, Holcim Innovation Center, France

Meet Florent

“In my role, collaboration is key to success. We are facing a tremendous challenge to make our industry sustainable. It's a collective effort and adventure, where everyone in the organization has their role to play.”
Florent Dubois, Sustainable Construction Manager, Lafarge France

“I'm very excited about the opportunities and the potential that we have to help solve a lot of the construction industry's problems by using our combined resources to develop systems and solutions.”
Jay Saldaña, Principle Building Scientist, Holcim Building Envelope, US

Sales and marketing

Our sales and marketing teams connect our partners and customers to our world-class products and solutions. The teams help us to be customer-centric in everything we do, on our journey to become a world leader in innovative and sustainable building products. A role in sales and marketing will see you in a high-performance team, dedicated to driving the growth and performance of our business.

Meet Mostafa

“Being part of a high-performing team means having clear goals tied closely to team and organizational priorities… communicating clearly and respectfully, and trusting and respecting each other."

Mostafa Taalab, Contractors Segment Sales Manager, Lafarge Egypt

Support functions

Building progress for people and the planet is no small feat. It requires a seamlessly connected organization, performing at its best. That means cutting-edge IT capabilities, people-focused HR, the sharpest legal and financial minds and health and safety teams keeping our 60,000 employees across the globe safe at work. Holcim’s support functions are the backbone of our organization.

Meet Ahmed

“I worked in the commercial team for five years, and after that, Holcim allowed me to join the communications department, and that was the golden moment for me, to work with my passion, as my passion was in photography, videography, and managing social media.”

Ahmed Aly, Communications and Corporate Branding Manager, Lafarge Egypt

5 reasons to build progress with Holcim

1. Be part of building the change you want to see in the world

Develop your skills and use them to make a real difference by helping us build a world that’s greener and smarter for all.

2. Join a company at the cutting-edge of innovation

With six Research and Development centers across the globe, we are embracing innovation to become the leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions.

3. Gain real, hands-on experience in a diverse organization

Be a part of our team of 60,000 employees across 60 countries and take the opportunity to experience a variety of local and international projects. Making connections with different people, places, partners and functions will help you grow and shape your career.

4. Develop your skills with world-class learning programs

We know that learning is a life-long occupation. Throughout your career at Holcim you’ll have access to world-class learning and development programs to help you develop the skills you need to thrive.
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5. Build your career with an established global leader

Join an industry leader and build your career with a company that puts sustainability and innovation at the core of its strategy.