Dry mortars

The TECTOR brand brings together Holcim’s global expertise in dry mortar, with the broadest range of dry mortar products to meet our customers’ most challenging needs.

TECTOR offers seven categories of innovative products for masonry, plastering, flooring, waterproofing, repair and construction chemicals all the way to 3D construction printing.


Our mortars at a glance

  • Present in 30 countries
  • More than 20 production facilities
  • 1 central R&D laboratory


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Global solutions and products for local customers

More than 500 Holcim employees work to offer dry mortars in over 30 countries. From foundation to rooftop, Holcim’s affordable and sustainable dry mortar solutions help to improve living standards for all.

Our dry mortar offers

  • TectorPlast

    Brick-laying mortars

    General purpose plastering and rendering mortar

    Colored rendering mortar

    One-coat rendering mortar

    Skim coat and decorative mortar

    Renovation mortar

  • TectorCeram

    Basic cementitious tile adhesives and grout

    Improved cementitious tile adhesives and grout

  • TectorFloor

    Cementitious Basic screed

    Cementitious Self-leveling Screeds

  • TectorTherm

    Thermal insulation mortar

  • TectorSpex

    Cementitious waterproofing membrane

    Adhesion mortar


    Concrete repair mortar

    Grout and injection

  • TectorPrint

    Mortar Ink

    Complementary additives and admixtures for 3D construction printing

  • TectorAdmix

    Plasticizing/Super Plasticizer

    Set retarding

    Set accelerating

    Hardening accelerating

    Water resisting

    Viscosity modifying

    Air entraining

    Water retaining

  • Tector Systems

    Wall and facade system

    External thermal insulation

    Floor system

    Bathroom system

    Roof system (thermal insulation)

    Swimming pool system

    Foundations and basements

    Industrial floor system


Answering market demands

With more than 30 production facilities and an overall production capacity of over two million tons, Holcim dry mortar products are used in building projects ranging from affordable housing and residential buildings to major infrastructure.


Innovation at your service

With an entirely customer-focused approach, Holcim Research & Development (R&D) develops the most innovative products to support a more sustainable built environment. Our R&D is headquartered at the Holcim Innovation Center in Lyon, France, the hub of a global network of local laboratories that spans five continents. Our solutions are tailored to local project specifications.


Our business promise

Together with our customers, partners and our R&D teams, we provide the most innovative solutions and products to meet the specific local customers’ needs and support them in building better, greener and smarter.


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Our dry mortars offer in action