Holderbank to be renamed Holcim - global branding is a decisive competitive factor

21 March 2001

The Board of Directors of "Holderbank" Financière Glaris Ltd. ("Holderbank") will present a proposal to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 18 May 2001 that the company be renamed Holcim Ltd. The new name - and the new visual identity - will be successively introduced throughout the Group, beginning on 21 May 2001 with the holding company and Swiss subsidiaries HCB "Holderbank" Cement und Beton AG and "Holderbank" Management and Consulting Ltd. One month later Group companies in Central and Southeast Europe will rename and launch the new brand locally.


21 May 2001 will mark the start of a new chapter in almost ninety years of "Holderbank" history. Subject to the approval of the shareholders, "Holderbank" will become Holcim. The new name combines two core elements behind the company's success: continuity and focus. Hol reflects the origins of the Group, which began in the Swiss village of Holderbank, and cim is derived from 'ciment', the French word for the Group's core product, cement.

The new corporate identity will enable "Holderbank" to become a visual presence in a competitive market that is growing increasingly global. Represented in over 70 countries across all continents, the Group will be ideally placed to fully exploit the combined strengths of its companies and realize further synergies under one overarching brand.

Prior to the decision to give the Group a new name and visual identity, the company's vision, mission statement and core values were reviewed and aligned to the demands of tomorrow's market. The Holcim name emerged as the clear winner from a variety of suggestions endorsed both internally and in the marketplace. Finally, the name was linked to a new visual identity designed to set our products apart from those of our competitors.

If the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders approves the change of name, then the above-mentioned companies will be renamed as follows, effective 21 May 2001:

  • "Holderbank" Financière Glaris Ltd. will become Holcim Ltd.
  • HCB "Holderbank" Cement und Beton AG will become Holcim (Schweiz) AG
  • "Holderbank" Management and Consulting Ltd. will become Holcim Group Support Ltd.
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