Commercial paper programs documentation

The Group has 2 short term issuance programs all guaranteed by Holcim Ltd and rated by Standard & Poor's (A-2 rating) and Moody's (P-2 rating):

  • A Euro-Commercial Paper Program of EUR 3,000 million, with Holcim Sterling Finance B.V and Holcim Finance Luxembourg S.A. as issuers, allowing the issuance of ESG notes. This innovative structure fits into the Group’s overall commitment to Sustainable construction and best-in-class ESG performance by connecting sustainability commitments to our sources of funding and liquidity. In order to continue to be able to issue ESG notes under this programme, Holcim’s Sustainalytics ESG risk rating has to stay within the top 15% of the Construction Materials sector
  • A US Commercial Paper Program of USD 2,000 million, with Holcim US Finance (Luxembourg) S.A. and Holcim Finance US LLC as issuers