Outstanding debt capital

Consult the list of all our outstanding bonds and private placements.

Outstanding debt capital instruments

InstrumentAmount in millionsIssuerMaturityCoupon
BondEUR 500Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.06/04/20251.5000%
BondEUR 500Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.09/04/20252.3750%
Private placementEUR 150Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.07/05/20261.6250%
BondEUR 500Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.29/11/20260.5000%
BondEUR 500Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.19/07/20270.1250%
BondEUR 1,150Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.26/05/20282.2500%
BondEUR 750Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.29/08/20291.7500%
BondEUR 500Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.06/04/20300.6250%
BondEUR 1,000Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.03/09/20300.5000%
Bond (sustainability-linked)EUR 850Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.23/04/20310.5000%
BondEUR 650Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.19/01/20330.6250%
Private placementEUR 300Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.08/10/20361.3750%
Hybrid bondEUR 500Holcim Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.Perpetual NC 5.253.0000%
InstrumentAmount in millionsIssuerMaturityCoupon
BondUSD 400Holcim Finance US LLC (formerly LafargeHolcim Finance US LLC)22/09/20263.5000%
Private placementUSD 50Holcim US Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.28/08/20317.6500%
Private placementUSD 100Holcim US Finance (Luxembourg) S.A. (formerly Holcim US Finance S.à r.l. & Cie S.C.S.)15/10/20312.2400%
Industrial revenue bondUSD 33Holcim (US) Inc.01/06/2032Floating interest rates
BondUSD 50Holcim US Finance (Luxembourg) S.A. (formerly Holcim US Finance S.à r.l. & Cie S.C.S.)03/06/20334.2000%
Industrial revenue bondUSD 25Holcim (US) Inc.01/12/2033Floating interest rates
Industrial revenue bondUSD 27Holcim (US) Inc.01/08/2034Floating interest rates
BondUSD 483Lafarge S.A.15/07/20367.1250%
BondUSD 250Holcim US Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.29/09/20396.8750%
BondUSD 250Holcim US Finance (Luxembourg) S.A.12/09/20436.5000%
BondUSD 590Holcim Finance US LLC (formerly LafargeHolcim Finance US LLC)22/09/20464.7500%
InstrumentAmount in millionsIssuerMaturityCoupon
BondCHF 440 Holcim Ltd (formerly LafargeHolcim Ltd)11/12/20241.0000%
BondCHF 150Holcim Ltd (formerly LafargeHolcim Ltd)04/12/20251.0000%
Bond (sustainability-linked)CHF 325Holcim Helvetia Finance Ltd19/10/20260.3750%
BondCHF 300Holcim Helvetia Finance Ltd18/03/20270.2500%
BondCHF 145Holcim Helvetia Finance Ltd26/08/20270.1250%
BondCHF 185Holcim Helvetia Finance Ltd26/08/20310.5000%
Bond (sustainability-linked)CHF 100Holcim Helvetia Finance Ltd19/01/20321.000%
InstrumentAmount in millionsIssuerMaturityCoupon
BondGBP 300Holcim Sterling finance (Netherlands) B.V. (formerly LafargeHolcim Sterling finance (Netherlands) B.V.)12/05/20323.0000%
BondGBP 250Holcim Sterling Finance (Netherlands) B.V.04/04/20342.2500%