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2023 Key figures

Net salesmillion CHF27,009
Recurring operating costsmillion CHF-20,935
Recurring EBITDA after leasesmillion CHF6,378
Recurring EBITmillion CHF4,760
Recurring EBIT margin%17.6
Operating profit (EBIT)million CHF4,577
Net income, shareholders of Holcim Ltdmillion CHF3,060
Net income before impairment and divestments, shareholders of Holcim Ltdmillion CHF3,089
Earnings per share before impairment and divestmentsCHF5.42
Cash flow from operating activitiesmillion CHF5,470
CapExmillion CHF1,408
Free Cash Flow after leasesmillion CHF3,705
Return On Invested Capital (ROIC)%10.6
Net financial debtmillion CHF7,896
Debt leveragetimes1.2