Find out more about the weighting of the Holcim registered share in selected share indexes.

Share listing

Weighting of the Holcim (formerly LafargeHolcim) registered share in selected indices

Index Weighting in %
SMI, Swiss Market Index 2.03
SPI, Swiss Performance Index 1.44
SPI ESG, Swiss Performance Index ESG 1.52
SLI, Swiss Leader Index 2.91
SXI Swiss Sustainability 25 PR 2.87
STOXX Europe 600 Construction 6.64
STOXX Europe Large 200 0.30
STOXX Europe 600 0.23
STOXX Global 1800 0.05
FTSE4Good Europe Index 0.29

Sources: SIX, STOXX, FTSE as of year-end 2021

Share registration

Purchasers of registered Holcim shares must be entered in the Swiss share register in order to be considered as voting shareholders. 

Under Swiss law and Holcim Ltd’s Articles of Association, an acquirer of Holcim shares needs to be registered in the Holcim Ltd share register to be considered as a shareholder with voting rights. Shares whose holders are not registered are deemed “dispo” shares. They are entitled to the payment of dividends and other distributions, but not to attend and vote at General Meetings.

Holcim maintains one share register maintained in Switzerland by Devigus Engineering AG, which currently maintains the Holcim share register (the “Swiss Share Register”).